Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ghost Story Sundee

Wonka here.  did we all slumber in nicely or what.  Owner even had a whole dream sequence to talk up.  I WAS MOVING she goes, and reports she did not quite get why?  Because I like it here Wonka she carries on.  Well me too, and I must say what about Ruggles and Tinkers et al if we did all up sticks.  anyhow, for the moment it is just a dream and in the dream Owner has moved to Glasgow.  surely we can blame this squarely on those pesky games??  And I was meeting lots of relatives she goes, from my ex husband's side.  OH  I says, nearly dropping back off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Hours later she starts telling of another dream where she walked out of a lesson and told the teacher off.  Now that, that sounds like Owner.  I love it.

Fresh what story para.  yes Owner is still a bit fuelled up from her own ghost story that she told successfully (only have her word for it!  sorry Owner!  only joking...) to the creative group the other week.  her fave author Charles Dickens was a fan of the ghost story I nearly said genre then but thought that sounds a bit posh so I didn't, yes and he tried to write some.  Owner thinks his writing was often ghostly anyway.  but here we are with another chappie called M R James.  amongst others he wrote:  'Oh whistle and I'll come to you' and 'Casting The Runes' - Owner says his name was Montague Rhodes James and he was born in 1862 near to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.  He used to tell his stories to the boys at Kings College Cambridge and later at Eton.  The Oh Whistle one is specially scary and Owner says it has been on tv.  I'm not sure that will recommend it Owner I countered (!!) but she says it was a good rendition.  As for the Runes, Owner says they must be cast by hand and the person who accepts them will take on their import.  Blimey!!  I do hope Owner, I goes, you are not reading this collection of ghost stories before bed.  NOT ON YOUR NELLY she says back!!  I love it.

And here it is para:  Owner's Book Choice Slot is BACK!! and this is the classic collection you must read:
Owner particularly likes the cover illustration on this edition which is called Moonlight Walk by John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836 - 1893).  M R James was to quote a 'brilliant linguist, palaeographer, medievalist and biblical scholar' He died in 1936 and never married.  We cannot hold that against him I said to Owner.  I strongly agree she goes back.  We love it.
Last ghostly para.  Owner says she has heard and read lots of ghost stories, such as I says to her.  The Monkeys Paw.....  but interestingly she says there is another James, Henry James over the pond, who wrote The Turn of the Screw.  This she goes was made into a film, The Innocents.  She can still remember hiding behind the settee when she first saw this film.  Was it in Black and White I said.  Of Course!!  it was an old film folks out there all shivering and putting the lights on!!  Well that folks is the end of Owner's book choice for this week and I am glad that I suggested she bring it back.  THANK YOU Wonka she says to me. 
Real final para:  now today, Tinkers has called and looked in the window at me.  I quite like it and it makes a change from hissy old Bertie.  Rug is in fine fettle and has been fed and watered and was last seen washing himself round on the backdoor step in the sunnyshine.  Tonight dare I say it, is the FINAL CLOSING FINAL FINALLY OVER of the commonwealth games.  We tried hard to love them but Owner was sported out.  We may watch it though as we love Lulu and she is on it.  Last night we got through Last Vegas and can talk it up as a GOOD film, and Owner laughed several times.  fiftycent was in it too.  Is he a rapper I says?  I think so says Owner.  One of her fave lines is check it out now funk soul brother and sometimes she must sing it over and over.  I know.  Now the good week is nearly upon us and tomorrow is an important is 100 years since the Frist world war started and there will lots to tell from all sides.  In death there are no sides and that is what we must remember said Owner.  There is a Lights Out from 10 - 11pm and we have a special candle to light.  We love it.  So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x