Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Only Wednesdee Wednesdee

Wonka here.  It has gone hot.  Just when we were on full boiler alert, testing out the heating in advance of the freezing conditions expected following a good bank holidee.  I AM TOO HOT mutters Owner who woke up in the night and did the usual not listening to any advice (get up, make tea, read a book and such like) but lay there like a beached sardine.  I dare say if it had been a really good book Owner might have turned the light on and read.  As it was me and Bertie had to keep shifting round accordingly.  Finally, in a deep and refreshing sleep the good alarm went off. zzzzzz OH zzzzzzz 5 more mins! zzzzzz.  We love it.

Only Wednesdee Para.  It feels like it should be at least Thursdee or Fridee morning.  That is because Owner has not stopped doing things or as she puts it ACHIEVING.  To date she has rung everyone on the MUST RING list.  They have all been told what to do.  She has visited everyone on the TO VISIT list.  They have been visited within an inch of their sorry lives.  Now I didn't tell you but listen to this.  WHAT? you all wonder and gasp up.  There are a lot of piskeys and wishing wells and dangling donkeys all conspiring to create good energy and luck around Owner. But there is more.  MORE you all say with open mouths?  On Tuesdee, which was yesterdee but seems like 2 to 3 months ago Owner took an old cat bed to the local RSPCA shop.  They loved it Wonka she reports back, and then I thought I would have a look in the shops next door.   I know, how much have I warned about our dwindling finances?  Then she goes, I saw this lovely new, new age shop with crystals and wotnot.  This is when good folks, my heart sank.   Holding my breath I listened up to what Owner had to say............... I had to buy, she goes, a little bracelet made of these stones all helping me align and lock into that positive energy, plus a little lump of quartz.  OH I murmured wondering how much these magic gemstones had cost.  of course Owner will say you cannot put a price on these things.  YOU CANNOT PUT A PRICE ON THESE THINGS Wonka. I love it.

Cartoon ridden para.  today good folks is the story of Owner's deliverance last Sundee in the shape of a home delivery of food.  Well for us it was, me Bertie and Rug.  All that heavy old shopping brought to the threshold of our home!

There we are!  I am lurking round the corner of the good living room and Owner is greeting the delivery chap. I LOVE Home delivery she says.  And if Owner loves it, I love it.
Final what day is it really para.  There is not time to spare is Owner's motto at the moment and we are hardly settled somewhere all peaceful and calm when she is planning or preparing.  I have suggested a small bout of meditation to counteract (OOOH) all this activity but she didn't hear me above preparing the tea.  Tonight we will bask in front of Corrie x 1 and good Tyrone has gone and fallen through the loft.  Why oh Why you all ask?  Because conniving Todd has cut corners on the flooring. Plaster board will not hold Tyrone up.  We will watch that and then possibly the great baking show where all are busy baking bread and cake and being judged.  by Mary Berry who is exacting and finds fault easily with her eagle eye.  Paul Hollywood finds fault whilst smiling in your face.  Me?  thanks for asking, I am used to the direct approach (Owner,  All Owner's ancestors).  It is doubtful goes Owner we will stay up beyond that.  last night we watched Young Vets (very sad) and then the Lost Russian Princesses (far too sad) so I have suggested a lighter more fun telly experience.  As Enders is not on, we may manage this too.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x