Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Crack on Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We can barely keep up with what day it is and Owner reports feeling OUT OF KILTER.  So is everyone else it turns out as when Owner was queuing in the post office in that snakey thing did the woman in front 1.  indicate Owner was shoving into her with the card carousel - I WAS JUST LOOKING FOR BIRFDEE CARDS Wonka she tells me in her defence and then 2.  the same woman asked what day it was.  Did you know I ventured up from well behind the kitchen stroke dining room door?  Of course I knew she goes back. All were moaning up about the weather (in the snakey queue) and wondering why we have a bank holidee mundee in late August when it may as well be winter.   Some folks I observed (get me) are never satisfied I says, but Owner didn't hear me above moaning about how nice it was today when it wasn't a Bank Holidee.  I love it.

Cracking along para.  what is this Crack On jazz you all want to know.  As soon as the clock struck half past 8 did Owner begin on her list of phone calls.  Did she lose it you all say next up?  Only very very slightly on the call to aged parent's GP when the good receptionist seemed (to Owner you understand) a little bit impatient.  How did she counteract that you all shout up now?  By saying to said person and I quote:  Thank you for your patience.    And that good folks out there all rubbing your chins in wonder, rather sums Owner's entire approach to life up.  It is the direct approach and so far, no one has taken it too personally. So the day rather ticked over like that with one thing off the to do list followed by another.   Job? No one has flung themselves over the threshold shouting please come and work for me so far, but with the wishing well on the case, any day now we think.  I love it.

Cracked it maybe para.  The main thing to report is that Owner has contacted the Boiler people.  and guess what?  no that is not it.  they knew immediately thanks to Owner's good description what was wrong.  IT IS THE PRESSURE VALVE goes the engineer.  Blimey I said.  And they are coming to fit the new one on Thursdee.  Until then, Owner must keep adjusting the tap but at least in the sure knowledge we will not be blown to kingdom come whilst she is fooling around.  Only joking Owner!  for today's good photoshoot there is a cartoon of our lucky Cornish Piskey.  I am aware you will all want one now but only if you hot foot it down to Looe or Polperro:
There he is (or she)!  he is a dangler of course, a bit like the donkey off Owner's good pink bag.  the purse is new (of course) and finally purchased in the same shop in Looe as where Owner found her delux flip flops.  Another non essential buy good folks.  BUT, some would say the piskey is an essential, guarding the money and attracting luck all over the place!  We love it.
Final cracking para.  last night despite saying things like I AM SO TIRED, and I MIGHT LAST TIL 9, we stayed up til 10.  Owner nearly drifted off on the new bed settee as so snug.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I have my new perch atop the cushion on said settee and have dented it up nicely.  yes I am still giving the bottom a good scratching but so far you cannot tell.  Ruggles has been twice and may call for supper and daughter is to collect his new catflap tmro. Then says Owner, I can contact handyman.  STEADY I goes, my head whirling with appointment and such like.  Tonight in a small attempt to slow Owner down, there is Young Vets with Judy and co, then Enders to catch up with and we note that Max, the serial kiss me quick person in the square is to go on Strictly!  Goodness knows if he can dance as well as he can strike up a romance but we will see.  Then there is good Holby City with the usual sick jealousy and in fighting.  We love it.  Bring back Elliot we say, brain tumour or no.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x