Saturday, 16 August 2014

Holidee Blues Satdee

Wonka here.  All slumbered away until 8 am ish.  5 MORE MINS said Owner and I must say I enjoyed a bit more zzzzzzzzzzzz too.  Bertie stayed put on his pillycase and quite rightly came downstairs after me.  But guess what?  No that is not it, you nearly got it though....because the temperature has dropped a nth of a fraction of a miniscule farenheit (wrong spelling don't care) Owner has caved in and put the heating back on.  IT IS ALRIGHT Wonka she shouts up, because IT IS ON THE TIMER.  by this folks she means it is not on CONSTANT and if it was I would be zzzzzzzzzzzand unable to report up anything.  I rest my paws and all else.  I love it.

We got the blues para.   After the house had warmed up to boiling point and even Owner had to adjust the dials and knobs and taps and that, she flung out for some more supplies and a visit to aged sibling.  Although she had sent him a postcard he had forgotten already that she had been away.  I mean I remember it well, let me see now ??  Only joking Owner!!  but did Owner keep looking at the clock and going, this time last week I was at so and so, and this time on the such and such we were all doing........ the après holidee blues have landed folks.  it is all I can do to cheer her along saying things like, but one of the Fab Four Friends is due up here on Mundee.  I KNOW she says back and (quote) I am preparing for the visiting.  Now this friend is the proud owner of Sebe, who you have all seen cartoons of.  My Owner fell in love with Sebe and for all of 5 mins I was jealous.  But. I am over that now, and in keeping with my best philosophy (OOH) I am about to level it all up.  Sebe will now be jealous of me!!!  I love it.

Holidee Blues para.  For our cartoon, Owner has kindly supplied this one.  It is of a tour around the Plymouth Gin works and was according to Owner, BRILLIANT.  The Gin works used to be a monastery until good Henry viii knocked all that on the head and I'm sure he would appreciate what it turned into.  This Plymouth Gin is all made there in these big vats with lots of botanicals (spices and herbs and such) and lots of other strange workings that are a big secret.  IT HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER goes Owner from the original family and they have made it very popular round the Wold!!
There we are!!  The three friends are all listening up to the tour guide and after the tour did they all have a free gin and tonic!!  Owner says I DO NOT DRINK SPIRITS and blow me down the next thing she is 'trying' it.  I liked it, she says.  Good Folks out there all now wanting a tall glass of the same,,we love it!
Final blues para.  last night we managed to stop up til 9 30 ish and watch a new comedy.  Was it funny you all wonder up?  Owner did laugh a few times so it has got our vote and it is called Boomers on good beeb one, Fridee night at 9 pm.  It started with a funeral which is always funny says Owner.  I know.  Before that we managed our dose of Corrie and nasty nick is now faking head traumas to annoy good Leeanne.  but his bruvverly bruv David is on the case.  didn't he used to pull stunts like that you all gasp up and the answer is yes but after that bash to his head Nick has gone funny.  In Enders, someone burnt a beanie hat and is now a chief suspect for getting rid of Lucee.  I ask you.  tonight we will give a new game show 2 mins of our time and if it cheers Owner up and stops the blues we can like it.  Then there is good Casualtee which I know is all about hospitals but Charlie will sort it all out.  he always does.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and especially if your holidee is over.  Big Love Wonka x