Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank Holidee for some Mundee

Wonka here.  When we woke up Owner had set it on snooze and so zzzzzzzzzzzz she kept going 5 MORE MINS and then it was WHAT DAY IS IT?  of course it is Mundee but it is not a real day due to the bank holidee thing.  Not everyone has this.  And for all you good folk slaving away as it is an ordinary Mundee our hearts go out.  When we are not relaxing, snoozing, reading, watching more rubbish on the telly and generally having a day to ourselves.  We love it.

Bank holidee para.  of course there are still things to do.  What are they? you all gasp up, pausing in your hard jobs. List, 1.  Owner has to make sure me and Bertie Bubbles are seen to. 2.  More of number 1. 3.  and again. 4. send important emails to new companies who have recently taken over aged parent's care home. 5. send another email to make sure the first one is read. 6. adjust the heating according to whether it is a heat wave or freezing.  it is inbetween. 7. make a note to ring the plumber about the boiler.  So you see the wold doesn't stop, not for Owner anyway.  We love it.

*******************OWNER'S BOOKSLOT OF THE WEEK*********************

I am not sure Owner, I ventured, whether I like that text colour.  TOO LATE she goes, it is done now.  Onto the good book then.  Owner has chosen one of her favourite authors and it is:
Daphne Du Maurier.   'one of the Twentieth Century's most misunderstood and fascinating novelists' Sally Beauman.  If that doesn't wet your appetite then try this says Owner.  She wrote 'Rebecca' and 'Jamaica Inn'. 'Frenchman's Creek', 'The Scapegoat' and so many more...'Don't Look Now' is a horror supreme!  But the book of hers that Owner recommends you all rush out and read is:

There it is!!  OH we are back in the pink!!  This book is one of a kind, unusual and completely in a league of its own.  I have never read anything like it says Owner, and it is indeed one of those books you will not want to stop reading.  The best compliment we can pay any author is that we wish we had not read their book, and we pay it in full to this one.  It is a Du Maurier take on time travel set in the 1960s and of course in Cornwall. Beyond that you must read it and find for yourself the strange atmosphere only she can create.  Owner is also a big fan of Maps and here is the map to go with this book!

Here it is and once you have read the book, you will want to go there.  Owner cannot wait to go back to Cornwall and explore some more.  She has been to Jamaica Inn and says it is haunted! she loves it.
Final Bank hol para.  Now lots has happened in the Wide Wold, and Owner reports Dickie Attenborough is now flown up to the next room.  And he is? I enquired (get me).  WAS Wonka, she goes back, he was a famous actor, film director and adviser on all sorts of things.  He was in Jurassic park which we love and watch over and again and made a long film about that peacemaker Ghandi (who owner does like to quote now and then) and The Great Escape.  this film is on all the time and you all must have seen it by now.  It is not on today, but guess what is?  NO that is not it.  ZULU DAWN is on, and we may watch it as Owner's all time fave is ZULU.  It is the battle, she tells me, that precedes Rourkes Drift.  RIGHT I goes back.  Anything to keep Owner from falling to the wayside of darker settings and moods.  I love it.
Real Final para.  last night unbeknownst (OOH) to me Ruggles was settled on the good linen box in the kitchen and despite Owner's efforts to keep me and Bertie segregated I skipped through the open door to rub up against the catfood boxes as if to say I AM STARVING.  anyhow the next thing I am being hissed at by that monster I continually watch out for and had to race back through to the safety of the dining room!!  that was a close thing!  Bertie just slept through it but I did tell him how brave I was once Owner had stopped laughing.  I love it.  the other good thing was we watched Captain America to the end.  Was it a good thing you all gasp up?  it was a good attempt goes Owner, at a typical feel good boys own film.  Well I liked it, and there may be more to like too.  It says on the back it has moderate violence and I must say there seemed to be a lot of shooting, kicking, fighting, burning, blowing up and so on in it, yet Captain America does not die.    If we can cope tonight there is Corrie x 2 and will Peetah get Steven to visit his Da in the clink?  Will Gail stop twinkling away at Michael aka Les Dennis? and will Kylie stop being nice to David?  That is a yes Owner thinks.  Just a thought, if you are hanging out for more info on the remote which took an unexpected soaking yesterdee.  After a few attempts to use all the little eensy weensy buttons, and the menu kept flying off to the right and for some reason settling on Adult films (NO Wonka!) and then Asian Radio (??) it is back to normal.  DONT DO THAT AGAIN I warned from that nice new dark corner of the bedsettee but she didn't hear me above putting a rice pudding in the oven.  For later.  I love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x