Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fat chips and chocolate Wednesdee

Wonka here.  And howdy folks out there possibly in another land at a different time.  bonjour, docvedanya (ooer) chow (we have both forgot how to spell that) and just plain hello how the heck are you.  Peaceful night with no scraps in it that we noticed.  Owner did dream as per, all about a radio she says and a door shut in her face which she had opened back up.  There was a dream person on good Radio 2 this aft and we half listened up to it.  Most of it, goes Owner, is common sense.  Up to now I had not realised Owner had this one.  I know I goes to her, you have a sixth sense.  TOO RIGHT she says!  I love it.

Fresh and full of fat para.  Why all this fat and carbohydrates you all gasp up.  When you are having a funny time of it, Owner says you can treat yourself.  Now you will have noted in the past this means rushing out to the shops and falling back in with a lot of non essential shopping and a credit card that is heavy on the side of the credit.  And the only way to sort that out is to go and spend some more.  obviously this is Owner's philosophy and not mine folks.  I make do and mend me.  but for once I am letting Owner do what she likes.  I have been up and down she declared to me.  Me?  thanks for asking, well as usual it is down to me to check on Bertie and put up with his hissing and growling.  Why he should object when I put my head round the cupboard door simply to see if he is in there I cannot think.  Ditto with night time.  When will he realise it is just a game me chasing him round the downstairs prior to settling for the night?  Anyway, yes Owner has been through the mill rather with aged parent laying up in hospital.  Visiting is tough on Owner as she is not a good visitor and never will be.  Today though, she burst through her own visiting barriers to become A HALF DECENT DAUGHTER at the bedside.  And the other ladies in the Ward all helped says Owner.  it turns out they were all filling out the menu for tomorrow and making lots of comments about the food.  some of which cannot be repeated goes Owner.  she loved it.

Chips with everything para.   so on the way home Owner treats herself to a bag stroke box of chips with scraps and salt and vinegar.  GO FOR IT she advised the young man behind the counter.  alongside this is the bar of chocolate and when that is demolished it is on with the sweets.  At least I goes, you didn't stop off to buy a 3 piece suite or a new bathroom.  As you recall the new bed settee is finally arriving here tomorrow and personally I cannot wait.  laying on the luxury carpet is alright but I much prefer the nest off the floor as it can be drafty.  Postponed from yesterdee is the cartoon of the old settee being heaved outside by Owner with me watching from the bay window saying things like CAREFUL! and STEADY!
There it is!  Standing on its end and blocking my view of the baby seagulls and all.  But then the good bin men came and whisked it away.  We love them. x
Final spoil yourself para.  Now tonight we are going to try the great Brit Bake off thingy.  We have never followed it before but Owner says IT IS TIME Wonka.  Before that is good Corrie with ken to the rescue and Kylie and David have a case of ADHD or that fidgety thing on their hands.  it can be treated Kylie all are saying whilst she is blaming herself and her genes.  And if we don't like any of that Owner has gone and bought another film.  NOW WHAT I said when I spied it in the shopping, but it is alright it was cheap and tried and tested.   I cannot wait I whispered from round the side of the living room door and I have to be careful now because without the settee in there it can be a bit echoey.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x