Thursday, 28 August 2014

Soggy Thursdee

Wonka here.  At last Owner has finished that book..  I SKIPPED TO THE END she muttered before flinging it down the side.  Is this a good way to start the long day's journey into night I pondered up.  Me?  thanks for asking, I have no trouble falling asleep it seems to happen just as soon as I close my peepers.  Bertie as you know is near on permanently asleep in one cupboard and hideout or another.  As long as Owner does not start on a giant worry wart 2 mins before she puts the light out, or even better WHEN the light is out, we can look forward to a peaceful night.  There were no scraps out back, and no one had their outdoor light beaming into our bedroom like stalag wotsit.  Sorry Russia but I could not think of a better comparison for a minute.  I know!  like Alcatraz.  Sorry U S of A!  we love it.

Fresh but drizzled on para.  Owner had to get up ten mins before the  alarm started its relentless peeping and buzzing, then stopping then giving you a horrid jolt by starting again.  Do you remember the good old days when all an alarm clock did was rocket off into one long hideous noise and then stopped?  neither do I.  so once up and owner had got round and seen to me first then Bertie then Rug then herself, we lay there in wait for the engineer.  He is you remember coming to put the poor boiler right.  This is so we can enjoy searing hot radiators in time for the next heatwave.  we love it.

Gone all soggy para.  Yes it has stopped with the sun and back to drizzle setting.  They have warned of good weather for the weekend as it is nearly September and the schools will be dusting off their sorry classrooms ready for the next batch.  Please, goes Owner, to the great God in the sky of perfect jobs, find one for me.  I have to say I am busy in my small way, with a few prayers of my own as I do have concerns about our food supply, especially when Owner keeps on returning with the non essentials.  I NEED them, she says in her defence.  OH have to dash as there are two monsters at the  front door!

All OK Para.  yes alright it was the heating chaps.  There were two instead of the usual and lonely one.  I THINK HE HAS AN APPRENTICE goes Owner.   and she did report up that the usual one did all the riving about in the innards of the poor boiler whilst the new lad sat on the side talking non stop about cars.  The minute they left I shot down stairs to inspect the worksite.  THEY HAVE LEFT NOTHING says Owner, and more importantly WE HAD RED HOT WATER.  Now today's good cartoon must inform you about last night's baking debacle.  Owner says that is a word and I believe her.  It was all going to plan with a fab sponge here and an exceptional icing there and then it happened.  Baked Alaska was called for, and Iain from Northern Ireland missed the entire boat with it.  His ice cream melted and he threw it all in the bin.  I CAN RELATE TO THAT goes Owner.  Obviously I said nothing good folks out there admiring me for my tact and diplomacy,  So we have a tiny tribute to the good bake off.
Here it is!!  Centre is a happy baker!  (not Iain no) and there are good buns, dry buns, soggy bottom buns.  Owner's fave is there, the donut (I cannot spell it sorry England, sorry good spellers) and there is even a proper cold fridge and a bin.  The whole thing is now being called the bincident says Owner, because Iain flounced out, came back to be voted off, and now someone else who was accused of sabotage has also left.  Owner says she would have called in Miss Marple to solve.  And often it is the Maid what done it.  I love it.
 Sunny now not soggy para.  The sun came out half way through the day although Owner did not notice she has been in a frenzy yes frenzy of creative activity.  We are lucky the three of us that we got fed.  I AM ON A ROLL she goes.  She has now entered a big competition to create a poster for good Stephen Fry.  Do you mean Stephen Fry I ventured.  YES HIM she says back.  We love him.  Now last night we enjoyed Corrie x 1 and Tyrone will be off work for 2 months all because that conniving (get me) Todd cut corner with the plaster board and Jason knows the truth!  he was ready to punch the whole street but was stopped by his real Dad and for the life of us we cannot recall his name.  Steve from street cars (see we do know things) has gone to visit Peetah in the clink and knows the truth about Jim (his Dad).  Jim is to get a visit from Liz his ex wife not Steve but he doesn't know that yet.  I'M GOING TO SORT IT OUT she goes.  We love it.  Tonight, there is nothing on.  Yes there is athletics from somewhere in the Wold and I have begged Owner to turn it over.  WHAT TO she says, as there is nothing on.  Don't forget Owner I said, we still have a film to watch.  it is Frozen and we can watch it in the comfort of blasting heat from the fixed heating system.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x