Sunday, 24 August 2014

Deliverance Sundee

Wonka here.  You will all be busting to know whether we slept alright and the answer is a big fat YES. We have been trotting to bed at tenish, well Owner has whilst I check on all down below.  yes I do need to give Bertie Bubbles a tiny chase up the stairs.  he loves it really and doesn't growl half so much as he used to.  Owner is reading a sensible romantic book that although is not frightening is in danger of getting on her nerves.  A test of any decent book dear folks out there all wishing you had one, is you cannot put it down even if it is time to go to bed, go out, do some important task, answer the phone or the door.  Owner thinks she may recommend a book tomorrow seeing as it is a Bank Holiday and not a real live day.  I love it.

Deliver me para.  What is this deliverance thing you all wonder up?  This morning, Owner's life was transformed by the delivery of two tons of cat litter, two tons of cat food and a few other essential items.  This way, I ventured, you are unlikely to buy non essential items costing us a fortune that we don't have.  YOU ARE RIGHT she says back, trundling back and forth with all the heavy items.  It seems Owner was happy to have them all plonked in the hallway and so was the Delivery Man.   I like this Wonka, it is going to revolutionise (Owner helped me spell that one) our shopping.  I cannot tell you good folks out there all considering doing the same, we will save millions.  Owner's latest philosophy in keeping with her ability to spend cash we do not have is and I quote:  WE DON'T OWN ANYTHING.  I said, is this to do with that Marx chappie?  It might be Wonka she says back.  I love it.

Fresh delivered up para.  Now it does seem a long time ago, but whilst Owner dallied in Cornwall and visited Plymouth she did of course spend some money which she says is alright because it was a charity.  A HOSPICE SHOP called St Lukes she says.  So I must let her off with those purchases one of which was this fat donkey, pony, horsey ornament.  I know.  But Owner loved it on sight, that and the green silky yellow fringed throw that is keeping the new bed settee looking smart.  here is said pony:
There he is!!  Owner thinks his name is (uninspired but true.  get me)Plymouth.  or Plymmie for short.  he lives on the dining table along with all sorts of other things Owner had to have or was given.  Just to the side of him is a donkey with cart.  yes Owner likes to put things in the cart.  We love it.
Final delivering up para.  Owner has been swimming and is pleased to report the water was warm and apart from having to listen to a mother and child talk through each step of getting ready to swim including putting their things in a locker, she did not lose it with anyone.  She was safe in a cubicle and could not make facial expressions or mutter.  WELL DONE I goes, wondering if this good mood brought about by shopping deliveries can last.  I then went on she reports, to water Mother's plants in the Home she may go back to.  this is the next vital stage in aged parent's own deliverance package.  And if she cannot go back to that Home, Owner must rush round and find another.  Luckily, Owner is still on the ALL WILL WORK OUT FINE setting and I do not need to rush under the bed as yet.  Now Ruggles has called twice, once for breakfast and once for an afternoon snack.  I have nothing against snacking and neither does Bertie, but I am keeping a close eye on our supplies.  Tonight there are some bit and bobs to watch.  One of them is The Village which has changed from being dark and cold and unfair to equal rights for Women and jolly times.  We may give it one more try.  And if not, there are still my two DVDs in waiting.  There is just one tiny problem stopping us from turning on the good telly and here it is.  Owner has dropped the good remote in a bowl of water that has gone stone cold and was to give her the luxury  of a foot soak.  it is even now drying on a red hot radiator.  The strange buttons on the side of the tv are tempting but I have warned Owner against pressing them in case we lose the entire network.    Now do go steady out there all you good folk in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x