Thursday, 7 August 2014

Off with the Old Thursdee!

Wonka here.  Owner has brought out the blue suitcase, which is delux and just the best little blue suitcase you ever did see.  me?  thanks for asking, I am alright, I have sniffed it round and given it the once over.  Bertie bubbles is too focussed on food and sleep oh and drinking gallons of water to even notice it.  First up did he drink out of the bowl in the bedroom then the one in the living room the kitchen and to round it off he pops outside for his 5 minutes look at the big wide wold and drinks from the bowl out there.  IT WILL BE ALL THE BISCUITS says Owner.  yes either that or a fatal disease I goes but she didn't hear me above shaking more biscuits into our troughs.  I love it.

Fresh and New Para.  is today the day you all gasp up??  YES.  today the new settee is to arrive and I cannot wait to........alright just sniff it round and test it out for comfy settings.  Owner is already on Anxiety setting 8 or 9 in preparation.  You and Bertie she says, can be shut in the dining room.  Well I am fine with that as I can keep a close eye on Bertie.  What if, she carries on, Ruggles calls at the same time?  This sums Owner up perfectly.  Not only does she look into the future but she glimpses all sorts of complications when she does.  One hour at a time I goes very wisely I thought but again she did not hear me above getting the monster out of the cupboard. With only a few seconds warning I have had to rush upstairs!  Bertie can take his own chances but I expect him to join me any moment now.  We don't love it!

Fresh don't disappear para.  I am saying that because a whole lot of blog (as opposed to a whole lotta love) just vanished into the wonder web.  NO I did not touch anything Owner!  YOU MUST HAVE she goes back.  she has been in the bathroom moving things round and wait for it, throwing things out.  Well out back.  Why, I wondered up, is the best bathmat now outside on the bench.  TO REPLACE THE BATHMAT BEFORE IT she says.  she means good folks out there that the last one to be thrown out ended up as a shield on the bench out back.  A shield you all gasp up?  yes for Ruggles to crouch under when it rains.  it is like a small dark cave and you can just glimpse Rugglesis head poking out.  so now, now there is no bathmat.  The upside to this is that Owner must go out in search of a new one and I can get some zzzzzzzzzzzzz, the downside?  will she return with more non essentials??  I love it.

New things para.  in keeping with the vanishing of blogs and the mysteries of Webs we have a nice photoshoot for you.  it is a natural web!! With a real live occupant too.

There it is!!  And just a glimpse of Baba's Buddleia in front.  Just round the corner is the Triffid tomato and over to the right is a solid plant pot which Rug knocked over  in his scrap the other night. and that of course is the luxury shed that Rug is King of.  We love him.

New things para.  Hours later does Owner return.  There is a new bathmat (jury out) several pillowcases for me and Bertie to lay on TICK, masses of food for us TICK and some yellow ducks for the bathroom.  (jury out).  I must say I feel lots better after several of those weensy little biscuits that cost a fortune and have you wanting more.   Bertie?  in his cupboard and not aware of any heavenly biscuits as yet.  Now nerves are at no 10 awaiting the new settee.  AFTER 5PM says Owner.  I will of course tell you all tomorrow.  When I have seen it and loved it in my own special way!

Final throw it all out para.  Owner says is nearly all set for her hols.  The to do list is practically done and all that is left is for me to sniff round and check the case.  She is bound to have packed a wardrobe for a safari stroke cruise when really it needs to be simple and light.  Now last night we did watch good Corrie and note that since Ken arrived back in Wetherfield does everyone including the milkman think Peetah did it!  Can Ken turn it all round?  And Team Tracee is getting hitched.  yes that conniving Rob bruvver of Carling black eyebrows is busy working out how to scupper Ken's good deeds.. Then we rushed to watch the Bake off thing.  We quite liked it but do not quite see the attraction of Paul and Mary who are quite harsh in their judging of sponges.  We did like Norman though and the builder one plus the one with four childer.  We may follow it.  Tonight we are back to normal viewing as there is nothing on.  BUT as Owner has been stockpiling films we have plenty to sift through.  I am begging to see Frozen or Cpt America and have been really good so far.  I might watch the one I've seen before she tells me.  I rest my paws and everything.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in.  Big Love Wonka x