Monday, 4 August 2014

Lights Out Mundee

Wonka here.  Today is an important day, it is Lights Out, so we can reflect 100 years on and remember all those millions who gave their lives in the first World War, and Owner has done us proud with a little cartoon to commemorate the occasion:
There we are!  me and Owner with our one candle lit - it is from good M & S and the proceeds will go to the British Legion.  Bertie is just at the right hand side possibly looking for his next meal and outside, in the good back yard is Ruggles and Tinkers. There is even Baba's Buddleia to the left hand side and if we have said it before we don't mind saying it again.  We love it.
Fresh Lights Out para.  So all over Europe and the Wold we hope, good folk are joining in with this 100 year commemoration by lighting a single candle between the hours of 10 and 11pm.  it is to mark the start of what would be 'a war to end all wars' with so many brave young men, and women too to die.  Of course we also want to mention the brave animals, such as the horses who went to war with their owners and died for them too.  We remember you with so much love.
Final lights out para.  in keeping with all of this Owner has found her two favourite photos of her great uncles, Percy and George, on different sides of the family, but who both fought and died in the Great War.  We have shown them before, on November 11th our rememberance day but would like to put them on here again:

This is Percy, above, Owner's great Uncle on her Dad's side.  He lived in Haverhill Suffolk.
This is George and below his Mother, Owner's maternal great grandmother, Louise.  They were in Bermuda at the time.  How she must have loved her son says Owner.  hankies away!!
There she is!!  Owner nearly went funny then trying to put her right.  She is a fine looking lady and Owner reports reminds her of aged parent.  She must have had Ghandi's indomitable will, says Owner to have her husband and two sons fighting in the War.  I am full of pride, I said back.  I love it.
Real Final Lights out para.  so there we are good folks out there, it is a short and sweet message for today, lots of love and peace and even Owner is reasonably calm.  (I dare not say anything as I want some supper!)  do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x