Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Visiting Visiting Wednesdee

Wonka here.  It has been a long long day here with visitings going but carrying on elsewhere.  Yes.  What do you mean you all gasp up?  Sebe's Owner (that darling tabby who resides in some style down in Portsmouth) has un-visited.  it happened this morning and when I saw the giant suitcase I did think for a teensy weensy moment that my Owner was trotting off on another jaunt.  IT IS NOT ME she says, I am driving Sebe's Owner over to her next port of call.  Calm down Bertie I advised, we are not at the mercy of the Aunties but I don't think he heard me above eating every single sensitive biscuit in the saucer.  I love it.

Non stop visiting para.  Owner has been on a non stop flurry of visiting just lately with her trip down to good Plymouth hardly settling down when another visit arrives.  As reported I have never know Owner have so much fun food and wine in a short space of time.  THAT'S FRIENDS for you she gabbled at me before flinging out to take the latest visitor on her next journey.  Me?  thanks for asking, and I have been spoilt rotten as envisaged (ooh I say).  I have tackled my dangly monkey to death and cuddled up to every catnip toy in reach.  On Mundee night and Tuesdee when I rested up on my new snuggle spot on the new bed settee did I get lots of AH Wonkas, and OOH Wonkas.  It is hard Bertie, I advised from the safety of my amazon box, to be spoilt if you are hiding in the Narnia Cupboard.  I love him.

  We love visitings para.  for today's good cartoon Owner has done us proud with this one:
There I am!! and that is Sebe's Owner rushing to adore me.  I only hope Sebe isn't too jealous when he finds out.  I am sitting on my life like mousey with catnip and there is the original mousey down the side,  Owner is looking on proudly.  I love it.
Final visiting para.  now whilst Owner was saying goodbye to this visitor she then fits in another visiting!!  Who with you all gasp up!  With good daughter that is who with. and guess what?  No that is not it.  Good daughter is to adopt a cat.  yes.  Owner has seen said cat and it is called Peggy.  She reports it is fluffy and has marmalade black and white colouring with emerald green eyes.  IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT she says.  Owner says Peggy was rescued from Jacksons Bakery car park and was playing dodge the lorry.  While I was there, goes Owner I purchased a catflap for the luxury shed.  OH YES I says.  and I have arranged for a handyman to come and look and price up the job she continued on.  I only hope good folks out there all thinking about having a job priced up, that the handyman turns out to be OK.  I will be watching him all the time from my backyard lookout (top of sideboard).  If it stops Owner going on a giant worrywart about Rugglesis keeping warm and safe it will be worth it.  Just.  Now tonight we have Corrie x 1 and then the great bake off.  Owner has caught up with Corrie and reports that ken and deardree are back from Wales and Peetah's drinking in the clink has been spotted by that sharp sighted leeane.  YOU HAVE BEEN DRINKING! she accuses and trots off out of it with good Simon the light of Peetah's life.  Yes team tracee is still lurking and even getting married.  That other couple says Owner are getting on my nerves.  Right.  Now all this visiting has worn me right out as I have been on my best behaviour and making sure about my good side and so on.  Even Bertie has calmed down a bit on the luxury tray front.  And Ruggles?  Been an adorable friendly teddy bear stray.  so plenty of zzzzz for us now.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x