Monday, 18 August 2014

Wishing Well Mundee

Wonka here.  singing...going to make a wishing well my hopes inside it....Owner thinks it was Wet Wet Wet (not outside although it is) that did a song something along those lines.  I promised you a cartoon of said Well and here it is good folks out there!  You are all welcome to make your wish just like we have.  Do they come true you all gasp up?  Owner reports that they have a 100% success rate for everyone else except her.  All in good time Owner I advised her.  Dreams and wishes do come true, if you just wait.  I love it.

Wishing Well para:
There it is!!  our resident wishing well.  It lives on a shelf in the Narnia cupboard alongside books and toy leopards.  Owner reports that when she had her last proper job (she means full time and all of that ) they used to get things 'given'.  Was it a charity I ventured?  YES sh says.  And one time there was a bag of bits and bobs and this was in it.  Plus a tray with cats on.  yes we have got the tray with cats on.  So when that job whittled away to nothing, Owner brought the Well home.  I might have a use for it here she said.  All you do is make a wish and pop a 5 pee coin in and that good folks out there is it.  I will keep you posted on Owner's wish.  I love it.

Fresh all is well para.  Owner has been a busy bee today preparing for the visiting.  The monster did come out and me and Bertie cleared off upstairs.  SEE YOU SOON she shouts up as she dashes off to the train station to meet Sebe's Owner!!  Get ready Bertie I said, to be spoilt rotten!

Wish come true para!  Been spoilt rotten which is my wish come true never mind Owner's!  I have met up with Sebe's Owner and been played with non stop.  That dangly monkey thing, well I have given it a good whacking and I love it!  Bertie has been introduced and gone back in his palace and Ruggles?  on the good back door mat.  Now I have to report that Owner came home earlier with two non essentials.  I COULD NOT RESIST she says.  neither could the credit card.  I rest my paws and everything.   One of the things is pink and the other is black and white. She loves them.

Final wishes galore para.  tonight Owner is to step off out.  We cannot remember when she last did this being a full time hermit and all.  She will go to an Italian eatery with Sebe's Owner and may be gone for some time.  you will miss corrie x 2 I goes, and Enders.  I can catch up she says.  me?  thanks for asking I will rest up, possibly on the new bed settee and now Owner has got the radiators back on it is very snug.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x