Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dreams ahoy Sundee

Wonka here.  Owner has reported a full on night of dreams.  OH YES I goes back having passed a beaut night's sleep myself with only a tiny scrap or two with Bertie.  There was a structure made of bones she tells up, and I climbed down it and this bone person climbed up the other.  OH I goes.  In another bit she says, I was singing along with all these children.  BRILL I goes back.   she may have told me more good folks out there but I may have dozed off.  I love it.

Dreams continuing para.  there is an early photoshoot today of me dreaming.  I said to Owner it is about time there was a nice photee of me.   Here it is.
There I am! cuddled up to my best toy from last Xmas and resting up on an old ball stringy thing with a rattle inside it.  Next to me is my own special carrier bag with even more fave toys in it.  I wonder what I shall get this Xmas?  I love it.
Fresh dreamy para.  Owner finally whittled off out to (list) 1. Swim 2.  shop and 3.  visit aged parent.  when she rolled back up it seemed only 2 to 3 seconds since I had warned her to be a nice driver.  I'LL TRY she shouts back.  Well?  I says to her inspecting all the shopping.  I could not find any non essentials so she has a TICK for that one.  She reports being a nice swimmer and was not rude to anyone there and wait for it, a civilised driver too.  IT WAS A DREAMY RIDE she says.  As to the visit, aged parent and Owner discussed the state of the Wold, admittedly Owner did most of the talking here leaping from one war zone to another and back again.  Aged parent did drop off a couple of times and may have missed some of Owner's new report.  I ended up, goes Owner, on the death of two beloved stars Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.  Linked in death if not in life she continued on.  But, she says, I think aged parent missed that bit too.  Who said Life is but a dream?  We think it was Shakespeare and he is not wrong.  We love him.
Final dream laden para.  last night we managed to stay up fairly late.  Well 9 30 ish.  We did try that new game show called tumble and Owner fixated (like that word) on the judges.  How so you all wonder up?  Because she didn't know two of them and is now a fan of the French one.  Name? you all gasp up.  We think it is Sebastian because they kept calling him Seb.  We may watch it next week just for him as the contestants were all doing things with hoops in the air that didn't quite do it for us.  Who is presenting it but good Alex Jones who turns up all over the place and according to Owner IS OUT OF HER COMFORT ZONE.  Casualtee trundled on with no sign of Charley Farley or maybe we looked away.  Zoe is having a fling and that's all there is to say about that and the Witchey one, Connie is now top dog.  We love it.  Tonight we will take it steady as Owner is still on a cleaning jag and preparing for the visiting!  I have had a talk with Bertie around things like cutting down on using the luxury tray and hissing.  For my benefit never mind the Visitor!!  only joking!!  Ruggles can do what he wants because he is slightly bigger than me, and me? thanks for asking, I will display my best qualities as per.  if we get time off, there is The Village, a dark tale of life in a, in a village! just after the first Wold War it is and the division between the haves and the have nots is MASSIVE says Owner.  On a final positive note and this may interest those folk reading this to the bitter end (!) Owner has made a new wish in our wishing well.  Those of you still awake are saying I DID NOT KNOW YOU HAD ONE.   tomorrow we may do a cartoon on it.  The wish?  Owner has wished for a good job.  There must be one out there she goes. The new week is here so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x