Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Butterfly Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Can I straightaway report a fitful night.  Ruggles had a giant scrap with Blackster and yes he really is a black cat.  That woke us all up nicely and I had to man all stations to check out the action.  meanwhile Bertie Bubbles and me are snarling and hissing and basically WE ARE NOT FRIENDS.  Everyone, shouts Owner CAN PACK IT UP!  We did finally all sail back to dreamy land but it was a disturbed night.  No we don't love it.

Butterflies at last para.  so when Rug turns up for his breakfast, late on and coinciding (get me, like that word) with Owner shoving the old bed settee out the front door ready for collection.. she had pinned a nice note on it for the Bin Men and anxiety levels were racking up.  RUGGLES she says as she sees him slink through the locked and barred metal gate to passage way.  I mean it might keep a pesky Viking or two at bay but not Ruggles!!  When she gets to the good back door is he looking up at her with a sore eye.  And, he will not let Owner touch it.  well I cannot blame him there, I would run a mile if Owner came near to me with a bit of cotton wool.  You hate anyone coming near your eyes Owner I reminded.  THAT'S DIFFERENT she says.   when all the fuss died down and I had stopped asking why was the old settee staring in at me through the bay window Owner spies a butterfly on Baba's buddleia and shot out to take a photo.  I have waited so long for that she says.  And that same butterfly good folks out there possibly all liking them too, has stayed in our back yard all day long.  We love him.  or her.

Full of Butterfly para.  so instead of a good cartoon showing you Owner huffing and puffing as she shoves the old bed settee out front, there is a calm and wonderful photoshoot of said butterfly.
There it is! and funny but true, Baba's buddleia has come out last and is still in blossom when the others have all faded.  We love you Baba.  Perhaps Blackster is a descendant of Baba we have just thought because he was all black with a wisp of white.  Even so, it is Rug's shed and Rug's back yard now and only Tinkers can sit side by side.  Love them.
Final butterfly para.  Yesterday was full of remembering people and lighting candles and such, and we did watch a little bit of a service from the great Westminster Abbey but even better we listened up to War Horse, all about Joey who served alongside the soldiers in WW1.  It is such a story and each time we hear it we think of all those brave horses.  So we did not watch Enders but think this will be alright, and we have caught up with Corrie.  Ken has returned from deepest Canada to find all is trubble and strife. he has rowed with Diedre and shouted but this is the best bit.  He does not like team Rob and said as much!!  At last Peetah has someone on his side who is not saying things like, you didn't see him when he was drunk and how he told Teenah to go and such.  All of this says Owner does not make him a murderer.  OH I said back.  Now tonight if we can manage it and stay up late (til 9pm) we will catch up with Enders and their several complex storylines involving drugs dealing, love trysts that are quite plainly wrong, dead folk who are not dead and worst of all Shazzer being hoodwinked by Fil.  I have not mentioned Shirlee and I am not going to.  Then there is good Holby City which is set in a hospital and really should be avoided at all costs seeing as how Owner is visiting one at present (aged parent).  The doctors are not like that in real life she tells me.  What having affairs, taking drugs overdoses, back stabbing and sharing houses I goes?  Exactly Wonka she says back.  The one I spoke to regarding Mother seemed clean living and full of sense.  And if he wasn't Mum would sort him out she continued.  I know someone like that I whispered up but she was busy filling the blue jug to water the tomato plant and didn't hear me.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x