Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Owner's Return Wednesdee

Wonka here!  And welcome back if you are paying us a little visit.  this is just to say I have not forgotten you and Owner is glad to be home, home from the hill.  Last night she was on a hill called Plymouth Hoe! watching a National Firework competition folks and guess what, no that is not it, Sir Francis Drake was reported to be playing his bowls on a nearby bowling green when good folks thought they sighted the Spanish Armada (Oh no it isn't!) a little bit of history for you going back to the first good Queen Bess.  Owner is worn out with having fun and I am worn out with checking up on everybody.  Ruggles is trying to move in and I'm saying NO.  I love him.  slightly.

Fresh return to normal para.  so just to keep you all going I am going to show you the good cartoon for today which sums up all good holidays and those waiting to hear back.
There it is! my very own postcard from the edge of Owner's fun filled reunion.  And I love it.
Final good night para because me and Owner have much news to catch up on and she is still cleaning round.  I AM SO GLAD TO BE HOME she keeps telling me in between unpacking, cleaning up, washing up, running baths, opening windows, putting a washing on, checking on Bertie, feeding ruggles and having some tea.  Me? thanks for asking but I am a very happy Wonka with no complaints tonight.  Not even about the new second hand over the top expensive donkey ornament that Owner HAD to buy.  I love her.  now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks especially if you have had a holiday.  Lots more news tomorrow but for now it is, Big Love Wonka x