Thursday, 19 February 2015

Feline Thursdee

Wonka here.    There has been a discovery folks of a rare Egyptian cat, that WE think must be Bastet, the cat goddess revered by all, and it was found in a skip.  that is a giant dustbin folks out there NOT a game.  Where is it now you all gasp up in wonder, wishing YOU had found this rare artefact; it is even now being sold at an auction house and may go for THOUSANDS.  here follows, a photoshoot of Owner's little statuette of the same cat goddess which lives in our kitchen guarding us against invaders and of course those pesky Vikings.
There she is! and in the background is one of Owner's daughter's best tiles and to the right hand side is one of Owner's teddy bear pictures and that is a bear called Rufus.  We love him. x
Final feline para.  Owner has had a lovely visiting from daughter and so have I.  We managed three films and there will be a star rating.......  HOW DID I MANAGE says Owner, TO GET THREE GOOD films.  Did I advise you Owner?  I ACTED ALONE she goes back.  it could have been a lucky accident as Owner pretends to read the burble about the film without her glasses on and sometimes the small print is beyond the glasses.  If she can make out the words Action packed!, or a Laugh out loud! or Million times nominated for this award and that award.  The decider in all of this is if she can make out any of the actors on the front picture.  if it is Tom Hanks TICK, Bruce Willis TICK,  thingy BIG TICK and so on.  the review will commence  tmro good folks....
Real final feline para.  And as for the rest of today, there is Live Enders and it will be revealed who killed Lucee.  According to more of said burble, some of the actors are mumbling their live lines and some of the actors have been raised practically from the dead to return for this ONE OFF special.  I predict thus:  Lucee fell and struck her own head thereby killing herself by accident, BUT someone was with her and did not bother with police or ambulances but instead whisked her off to a park somewhere and left her to it.  We can rule out DOT.  and that's about it really.  Last night we snuggled up to Wolf Hall and made daughter watch it too.  Anne Boleyn still has her tete on (french for head....get me) and so does good Tom Cromwell.  Owner is dazzled by him and I love it.  So, from this feline, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x