Monday, 23 February 2015

Freezing Mundee

Wonka here.   I says to Owner if we put Frozen Mundee all will think we mean the film and we don't.  I was singing it Wonka, she tells me up when she fell back in from a hard day at it.  I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO COLD she moaned up to me, as it seems those little people have to run wild OUTSIDE in all weathers and someone must be with them in case.  What I says, in case they get frostbite?  in case they enjoy themselves too much?  They all climbed and ran round and went in cars and on bikes and hopper things and had a whale of a time whilst Owner, clung to her two scarves, her woolly coat, her gloves and why oh why no ear muffs?  IN THE CAR with no name, she tells me along with the thermal gloves.  I ask you? I love it.

Very Fresh Para.  Alongside this freezing business, Owner has been a mother hen all day with a lot of busy little people, demanding to be heard.  She says she can remember at least one name and that is all.  One of them had hands like blocks of ice which she put on my neck she finished off telling me, and I have to say by then I was too busy eating my long overdue teatime to listen really.  Even Rug, who stayed in all day, probably knowing in advance it was going to be freezing with a good wind chill factor, even he tucked straight in.  Bertie Bubb, is on the new catfood which Owner bought by accident.  She cannot see without her specs on, and went by the colour instead of the writing.  BIG MISTAKE, and it must be eaten up and it will contribute towards more trips to my luxury tray than usual.  I must grin and bear it...(my new saying and I like it lots.)

miniscule and warming up para. final DVD review slot:
There it is!  Dallas Buyers Club, the final film watched and the best of the three.....It was full of more drugs, more people with no clothes on, people dying and people trying to live and was based on a true story too.  Owner says no wonder he won an Oscar for it (Matthew thingy) because it was brilliant.  And we loved it lots.  We now know about this year's Oscar winners and probably we will watch them all about this time next year. x

Final warmer still para.  so today has been lovely and warm for me never mind Owner.  I have warned her to dress up tomorrow.  The other thing she reports up is barriers.  NO ONE told her that she could be locked in the car park at the school, all because the caretaker likes to secure the barriers.  Eventually he set her free and the car with no name hammered down those country lanes.  IT DOESN'T HARM I droned, for you to slow up a bit Owner.  YES, she goes back, at least I was snug and warm whilst trailing behind all those slow cars.... last night we did enjoy our telly and that Casual Vacancy is warming up nicely!  tonight it is back to back soaps and that is all we can manage.  In Enders it is the AFTERMATH of murders and deaths and births and so on, and in Corrie, Callum is still pestering David and thingy is being a Mum to Katie and thingy much to Owen's disgruntlement.  (some word that).  tomorrow is another and hopefully warmer day for anyone, like Owner, out in the playground. I did say why not take a skipping rope with you but she didn't hear me above looking out back for Rug who finally popped out.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x