Friday, 27 February 2015

Jam doughnut Fridee

Wonka here.  How the heck is Owner you all wonder up, after a hard week at it?  BACK HOME and doing nicely.  She trudged back with cartloads of essentials and I did say are you sure you are alright Owner as I did not spy ONE NON Essential in the shopping.  YES there were lots of packs of chocolate, and YES multi packs of that nice smelly soap she likes oh and some T lights, but Folks!!! these are essentials all the same.  It turns out between flying to the alright supermarket in her miniscule lunch hour and then after work, the only thing she really wanted was ONE JAM DOUGHNUT.  The thing is Wonka she reports to me 2 mins after landing and I was listening as I was fairly well starving, YES I says up, all ears?  The thing is, I asked the man where the Jam Doughnuts were, and all that was left was a pack.(five.yes)   HE SAID TO ME second shelf down and I could not see them straight away amongst packs of cookies and toffee rings things and all kinds of cakes ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzOH!  Yes and then I finally saw them , a pack of 5 jam doughnuts.  Personally, good folks out there, if I had been a humble shop assistant and Owner had approached me, tired out of her skull and fed up with being in miles of slow moving if moving at all traffic, I would have bounded over to that second shelf and put the doughnuts in her basket.  When Owner is on a MUST HAVE setting, you need to act fast.  I love it.

Short and jammy para.  What, you all further wonder up is the cartoon for today? Owner says there is a nice little sketch of some Daffodils which is cheerful and even more so, is the Plymouth Pony who lives on the table and we rather love him.
There we are!  A lovely smelly bunch of Daffs and there is Plymouth pony with his teeth and a glimpse even of Owner's best and newest bag until the next one.  We love it.
Final pump up the Jam para! Sated (ooh get me) on 2 doughnuts Owner has spun into action and forgotten all about her (list)1.  poor night's sleep - she blames this me.  All I did was come up the side of the bed and look at Bertie.  YES I may have done this a couple of times and blow me down if Owner didn't come all the way downstairs to tell me!!  I must admit Bertie seemed to get up and down a lot in the night. 2.  a new sore throat.  This turned up out of nowhere in the night just when we thought her cold had vanished.  anyway all this is in the past now and thankfully Owner is once more making us lots of snacks, clearing our luxury trays and generally running round like she should.  Last night was fitful but tonight?  Corrie x 2 awaits us and naughty Tracee with even more naughty Tony who is sposed to be with Liz who as you all know is Mumsy to clinically depressed Steve.  In Enders, we sort of clung to the plot line which is garnered round Mick at the Vic and his Lindah - they are having parties and babies and are surrounded by the biggest dysfunctional family you could wish for.  AND, Shazzer has been to visit her real Mum only to find she might be too more murders as yet.  Now the weekend is here and we are all very grateful especially Owner who now has more time for me me me!!!  Go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x