Thursday, 5 February 2015

Observation Thursdee

Wonka here.  Guess what? NO that is not it.  Owner has received not one bit of decent news but TWO.  We are even now waiting for a third call or communication that will set Owner off smiling again.  The first call was to do with aged sibling and is as positive as Owner thought negative.  I mean to say dear folks out there all scratching your heads and going WHAT? it was a good outcome.  I like that word outcome and may use it more often.  The second bit of positive news is my fave.  Owner has now accepted a week's worth of work (ooh alliteration which is what Owner's good class is learning- pass it on Owner!!) which will surely save us from starvedom.  I love it.

Fresh and observant para.  Who, you all shout up is being observed?  Not Owner for a start off. (just as well as she would never leave the house).   The student she is helping, was observed doing a lesson.  Did it all go to plan? I asked up prior to having some of my fave chick iams catfodder and never mind Bertie Bubb.  HARD TO SAY Wonka, she goes back to me, and she reports that she wrote some feedback for the student on request. I did think this was especially kind of Owner because she wrote it after 12 noon and as we know she is not paid for a second after this time.  But that's Owner for you, loving and giving and as long as most of it begins right here I am not complaining.  I love it.

More observant para.  Today's good cartoon takes a look at the Singing Mug.  It sparks up out of nowhere and sings this song and it lives high up on a shelf in the kitchen.  as such, it is a kitchen shelfie!

There we are!  high up there on the right hand side near the end is the singing mug. it suddenly starts up with you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are greyyyyyyyyy!  it never fails to make Owner laugh either.  After the initial shock of it.  and down at the bottom there is Moo. he is special and we have a poem all about Moo that we might put on here again.  There is a lot to observe in this shelfie cartoon what with ancient teapots and oxo tins and lucky cats from Paris and wind up cats from Clacton on sea....we love it. x

Final being observed para.  The children see everything and always note Owner's accessories.  They liked the dragonfly Wonka, she tells me when she fell back in laden with essential supplies (no non essentials, giant tick!).  The dragonfly is a sparkly brooch in pinks and greens and sets her top off a treat.  I told you to pop that on I droned with one eye on the biscuit levels but it was alright as Owner had topped them all up.  We all favour the rather expensive ones at the minute and I only wolf down the cheaper ones when Owner flings off out of it.  After the phone call securing Owner for a week's hard graft (I SHALL GO MAD she says.  just take the money I goes back) she spun into action and has ordered a home delivery from the supermarket that keeps hitting the news.  THEY HAD BETTER GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME! she tells me pressing SEND and CONFIRM.  famous last words I muttered from well behind the kitchen door but she couldn't hear me through singing to Ruggles.  It is a new and annoying chant that I could well live without.  Now tonight it is the usual prob of nothing on bar Enders...I know.  Somehow we must endure it.  Tomorrow is Fridee and the end of a rather long week oh I said that last week.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x