Monday, 16 February 2015

Sky blue pink Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner has noted that the evening sky AFTER A HORRID day of rain and grey and just plain cold, went a calming and beauty shade of Sky Blue Pink...... I used to wear nail varnish with that very same name she informed me up.  OH YES, I goes showing a lot of interest as it was smack on tea time..... and here goodfolks to bring you good cheer wherever you are up in the Wold is a photee of it.
There it is!!  I says to Owner, I says DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DAVID BAILEY??!!   I love it.
Fresh sky blue pink para.   Owner is on DAY ONE of her half term week off folks and what is to do?  She slept in TICK, went out for essential business and shopping even though it was that horrid cold and horrid rain GIANT TICK and came struggling back home with.................. a new luxury cat tray and igloo for Ruggles.............half a tick.   I didn't say anything folks, you know what a kind and generous big hearted cat I am, and something in my silence prompted Owner into a fairly lame explanation of why I had been left out.  it turns out that Rug has been very messy during his ablutions and as you all know, ventured onto the bathroom mat at least once, mistaking it for a luxury cat tray.  This is why Wonka, droned Owner (is it a dissertation I wondered up, NO I did not speak out loud) I thought if Rug has a spanking new, two tone (mustard yellow with brown bottom) giant luxury tray we are ALL winners.  she even tested it out in the shop to make sure she could get the lid OFF and then ON.  This I can forgive, but a new and luxury igloo???  BUT YOU LOVE YOUR AMAZON BOX says up Owner, and if Rug nestles in the igloo in the new dark corner I have wedged it in, it will free up some space for me.  We are all, once more Winners!!  After a huge cuddle, a big snack and another cuddle I was prepared folks out there all feeling it for me, to LET IT GO.  I love it x
Final and sky blue pink para.  What colour is the igloo you all want to know.  I clocked it (means saw it folks) as it was carried in by Owner and it is two tone violet and purple and matches nothing, or de rien as I like to say.  But then neither does the bumblebee I mean new cat tray.  Other than this folks, we have got through the day nicely; owner is busy buying food and sweets and snacks and treats for Daughter's next visit on Wednesdee.  I will be spoilt rotten and I can't wait.  The films are lined up (three) and Owner says I can do a star rating for them.  Tonight we must intertwine with Corrie X 2 and NO ENDERS.  This is saving itself for tmro night when it GOES LIVE.  Can we bear the suspense and we can.  Now just a weensie snippet for you all on Owner's new crush who is #MarkRylance acting up as good Tom Cromwell in Wolf Hall - it turns out he consults the I Ching for important decisions a bit like we use our wishing well!!  and that is an ancient eastern fortune telling system.  We love him even more.  Now do go steady out there in this weather and in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x