Monday, 9 February 2015

Gold Mundee

Wonka here.  First day OUT OF THE WAY! Owner is singing along with a chant about half term.  We are sure there are children and bigger children all over this country singing the same!  we love it.

Golden para.  What is all this GOLD you all wonder up?  As Owner was stepping along to her cubby hole stroke office for the day, and briefly out in the wild did she spy SIX MAGPIES!  And that means? I droned up when Owner reported up later in the means six for GOLD Wonka she trills at me.  Well of course we are still waiting for this and I did say to Owner it could have meant (from that famous song.  Julie Andrews and a pack of childer.  on mountains) 'Rayyyyyyyy! a drop of golden Sunnnnnnnnn!  As it was sunny today.   You could be right Wonka, says Owner who was only a tad disappointed.  Decent day?  I queried up as it was smack on teatime. A bit boring but ok was the verdict and that will do us nicely.  I love it.

Fresh and golden cartoon para.  for our good cartoon we are spoilt for choice.  So I have personally selected (like that word) this one.
There we are!   in keeping with that sign of gold, here is Owner receiving some good news via the mobile.  it is not often this happens and we are still waiting for that third good news phone call.......... we love it.
Final golden day para.  Today has rolled by with just a few things to report (list) 1.  Owner felt slightly ugly but Importantly, did not let this take hold! 2.  Her itchy eyebrows stopped being itchy. 3.  she has mastered the fine art of making a table.  NO not that kind of table, a table on the computer.  It seemed so easy Wonka, she droned to me and I have to say it was like a mild sort of grumbling noise in the background not unlike Bertie Bubb from the Narnia cupboard.  Which is where he still is by the way.  Ruggles stayed in ALL DAY and we think it is all about gingertop out there plus Clarke blackster.  Tonight we must touch base with Corrie X 2 and wonder why evil David is not standing up to that freewheeling handsome villain Callum.  perhaps he is holding out for something special?!  In Enders they are all building up to Lucee's murderer and Shirlee has finally packed Dean off to York.  we think (sorry York if we are wrong!)  Fil is still (oh that rhymes)in the clink and Shazzer's chimneysweep son is nowhere to be seen.  And that should see us right.  Now do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x