Saturday, 28 February 2015

Snappy Satdee

Wonka here.  Another fitful night good folks interspersed (get me) with dreams.  I HAD THREE, droned Owner when she finally crawled out of bed this morn.  OH YES I goes, all interested as I had somehow made it through the night on just one saucer of biscuits; and they were Berties!!  YES she went on, the first one I was telling someone in no uncertain terms.  ABOUT? I goes up in that new and pretty annoying way.  JUST something.  And the second one, I prompted in that new and helpful way?  A FUNERAL, she reports up.  anyone we know?  I thought this was the most helpful question so far, but blow me down she wasn't sure who. And the Final dream Wonka, she tells me up, and I was very close to starving by then, YES, I says to show slight interest, ABOUT MY DAD she finished off.  She did drone on a bit more folks but you will all understand that having finally been given a saucer of best as it looks, I was busy eating by then and not listening.  I love it.

Snappy ol para.  Blow me down then good folks if she didn't get a phone call to say her darling and wonderful dearly loved and departed Father who had a cousin called John well he has now popped off to join him!  hence the dream of funerals and Dads.  I rest my paws and everything.  What you all gasp up, a coincidence!  NO, it is synchronicity at work folks a la Carl Gustav Jung, a hero of mine and Owners.  Now what is all this snappy then, you all wonder up.  It is Owner.  I am blaming it on a fitful night's sleep and the return of her cold.  yes. This alone can explain why (list) 1.  She snapped at aged sibling about a can opener.  and 2.  Snapped at aged parent about anything and everything.  Mostly it seemed to centre on a bar of chocolate.  Aged Parent directed Owner up to her room which even on a good day is a trek and a half past millions of other bedrooms full of people you don't want to look at or turn into.  half an hour later once Owner had finally found the 'chocolate in a bag' she brought it back down  OH says aged parent 'you have brought the whole bag'.  And the chocolate folks was WHISKY chocolate.  I bought it because I like it, says aged parent.  I HATE WHISKY snaps Owner back.  Guess where the chocolate is now, that is right first time.  I love it.

Short and snappy para.  For our good cartoon we are spoilt for choice but having this one:
There we are!  it is The Voice tonight and Owner can snap snap away at that!  We love it. x
Final jump to it para.  Owner did manage to fit in a non essential shop with some much needed (according to her) make up and a much needed (?) banana yellow shirt.  This is, she says, for when she goes away.  this is a slight hintster (new word I like it) for when she pops away for a long weekend and leaves me to be spoilt rotten by my Aunty and by my cat sitter.  Anyhow I have let Owner off with these purchases as otherwise she will moan she is slaving away for little reward.  and freezing whilst she is doing it.  I am even now praying for warmer weather.  So between The voice and the 'Battles' ! NO not with those pesky Vikings, although  they can sing up with those deadly war tunes, no these singers are shouting I mean singing to each other and we have to pick the best one.  or maybe it is the Judges.  Whoever it is, will get it wrong snaps Owner.  Then we can calm down with Casualtee and Nursey Charlie et al.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and especially if you are dreaming.....Big Love Wonka x