Friday, 26 February 2016


Sneeze sneeze snuffle snuffle snort. and Owner's bouts of sneezing are on a par with her dearly beloved Dad now in wood carving heaven and who used to go on volleys of sneezing. ATCHOO!!! says Owner.  At least I think she said that, but her face was buried in a scrap of soggy toilet roll paper and I couldn't quite make it out.
And folks, because she is tired, and cold-ridden, she has gone on a giant worry wart.

What about Wonka?  you all snuffle and snort up??

The dread accounts folks.  Anything to do with our  poverty stricken state has Owner on the run.  OR aged parent.  It turns out aged parent must go cap in hand (she would if she wasn't trapped to a wheel chair folks) for more £s so she can enjoy her remaining years in the same place.  Surely Owner, I says up, they cannot tip her out??  THEY can refuse to cough up the £s she droned to me full of woe.  YOU DON'T KNOW THAT I says to encourage her AND to make her stop looking at it through her very ill and tired setting.  End of and fact up.X

To cheer us up ever so slightly this good Fridee eve there is this:
There we are!! This is aged parent's teddy and it sits in a big chair next to her bed, with two other little teds on its lap.  It is big and cuddly and we love it and so does she.  We love teddies.  End of.X
Tomorrow is the time to be looking at £s I says, and tonight you must cuddle up to Corrie and all those villains..when will nice Nick find out that Carling brown eyebrows has cheated on him and when will evil Feelan stamp on Kev the Mechanic.  It is questions like these we should be concentrating on and NOT the pounds we have not got!!!  Owner has brightened up a tad though, as who knows, our latest story may strike gold!  And for good measure I will fling a coin into the wishing well especially for aged parent!X
Now all you folk out there revving up for the weekend have a cosy and snuggly Fridee eve and AVOID all talk of munny.  it is the biggest conversation stopper known to where did I put the 20p to pop in the well.......X  Sweet dreams, and lot of teddy bear hugs!  Big Love Wonka X