Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Which One?

Owner was full of despair yesterdee but has got up with a tad more hope.  A SOUPCON.
What word is that Wonka? you all cough and splutter up at me with your best colds of the season.

It is meant to be Frenchy  France for a little bit.  IN German it would be EIN BISSCHEN which I have rather taken to.  Even Owner can remember it without too much prompting and looking up.  End of and fact up X.

Why is Owner full of the glooms and glumps?  in a word February folks.  it is not Owner's month up, and never will be.  This is why she has a planned escape JUST for a couple of days Wonka she has reassured me AND not a full on trip to Europe or that.  She has already began stockpiling possible outfits and moaning about her figure. NO she is not massive like Bertie, it is just what she sees in  the mirror folks..............and I feel a non essential shop coming on that I will have to check thoroughly item by item. X

Today, we have this to contend with!

There we are!! Aside from all the other pressing problems (no proper job, no proper money, house falling to bits, massive cats on diets! x) Owner has found this one!!! Whether we must watch the Last in series of the beloved Marigold Hotel with beloved Wayne and Jan Leening I mean Leeming OR the first in the new series of Happy Valley!! which had us all hiding behind cushions AND shouting it's behind you! at the telly. 
IT'S A REAL DILEMMA she droned to me.x

In other more economical news, Owner has a shout for werk next week at Mencap.  YOU LIKE IT THERE Owner I says, smiling and all of that it being smack on tea time.  She says she DID really like it until one of the staff started up about how many hours SHE had to werk when SHE was at a good agency.  THAT got on my nerve Wonka.  Personally I like a good bit of jealousy and petty behaviour as it contrasts with my generous and happi go lucky spirit AND I says to Owner you need to let go of that resentment now..........from well behind the kitchen door and she may have missed it.  I WILL TRY AND IGNORE IT Wonka, she shouts through the door to me. X

As soon as Owner flings off out for the shops (good luck shops!) I will have a quick check on Bertie - just to see if he is as big as 2 mins ago, then I might snack up on a couple of biscuits and goodness knows it will time for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!

Now do avoid being blown away by any of these visiting storms with names on to make us feel better, just wrap up warm and whisker up!! Big Love Wonka X