Wednesday, 17 February 2016


When Owner was enjoying the wonders of that fab school the other week, did I tell you up folks about the master baker in the food Tech lessons................................. and the smell of baking bread.

I WAS NEARLY TEMPTED droned Owner to me, when she wafted back in that day, TO START MAKING MY OWN BREAD AGAIN.  I did say this wouldn't be wise what with all the proving and rising and damp tea towels PLUS it is only a hanky sized kitchen and smaller with Ruggles in it.  That may have stopped us from having pancakes, now that Ruggles has discovered the cooker is but a shortcut to the radio and another minute surface that he can lay on to spy out of the poor kitchen door.  The glass bit folks.

it is all the kitchen's fault in other words that Owner is not making and baking half the things she could be:

There we are!!  Owner is more likely to get a bonk on the nut in that kitchen than conjure up (good use of word!x) a nice plate of food. End of and latest fact up.x
It is pouring with rain and Owner has stood by her dwindling principles NOT to return to the poor placement she has been saddled with.  Her good consultant pleaded with her to go, alright he said could she go.  NO says Owner standing firm but penniless! I do admire a principle folks, being stood by, don't you?  EXCEPT when it makes Owner unhappy and fretful.  To avoid that happening I have suggested a nice refreshing walk in the said and aforementioned pouring rain with a dash of sharp icy wind thrown in.  THAT WILL BLOW THE COBWEBS I says up.X
Today we must just get through it and out the other side folks.  it is a preparing day: (list up) 1.  obtain some information about the job Owner has an interview for as where she saved it to, heaven knows. 2. pack for a weekend away and re pack as so far I thought Owner was going to Europe. it is only Birmingham folks.3. Write a big list for my Aunty to read when she steps gladly through the front door to see to ME, Bubb and Rugg.  I am hoping for a space of more than 5 mins between Owner flinging out and Aunty stepping in. X
Tonight we must huddle up to Corrie and another bake off with some nice politicians stroke comedians stroke vaguely famous people (maybe) baking in a large tent (we need one of them) for charity. Ruggles will ask to go out dead on 9 pm and Owner will give him the YOU KNOW YOU DON'T lecture for the lghjsyfmdhth time. Raincoats on over your fur today folks, and set to it!  Big Love Wonka X