Thursday, 18 February 2016

Is it Fridee Yet?

Owner is nearly ready to fling off on her break.


CHARGER? Tick......................

Me? thanks for asking, I have circled the bags and sniffed them and she is definitely NOT going to Europe.  She has whirled around today, in and out and back again, and the car with no name got checked by that nice new garage.
Was it a thorough check Owner? I quizzed up as she sped past me with a million bags of essential shopping and cat concrete I mean litter.  THEY TESTED THE LIGHTS AND LOOKED IN THE BONNET Wonka, she shouted over her shoulder at me, plus it turns out you can tell if a tyre is alright just by quickly looking at it. Yes.  Luckily folks, Owner is so stressed out by her accounts, by the pending interview (Mundee.x), by everything else oh yes the agency working, to spare any nervous reactions to the journey ahead. End of and fact up.X
There is it!!  it's been looked at and filled with petrol and EVEN had a quick wipe round and a dust.  I haven't mentioned that the drivers seat was soaked with the rain that came through the good sun roof and I'm not going to as it is nearly dried out, Owner said. X
Due to Owner whirling like a dervish all day long I am worn out. I have had to run upstairs to get away from the monster sucking up dust and my fur and such and then downstairs when it followed me. I have had to move out of my box more times that I like to count due to Owner keep dusting and cleaning.  She even gave me a brush and a clean, I ask you!! I cannot wait for my Aunty to get here.  She knows how to relax!  In the meantime folks there will be a natural break here on this diary until Sundee............XX
Bertie Bubb will know no different (that Owner is not fussing round but someone else is.) Ruggles loves my Aunty lots so it turns out it is just me that goes a bit funny and could lash out with a tiny claw. IT'S JUST NERVES Owner offers up as an excuse for me, and so far Aunty is going along with that.............X
Whilst I am gone and Owner is having a fun time of it: Chins up, face the world in style, and I will be back Sundee.
Big Love Wonka X