Saturday, 27 February 2016

Today was shut!

What are you meaning Wonka? you all shout up in between watching that muddy old game of rugby that neither me nor Owner understands - they are very very very big nay giants of men in off white and green.  If you are Irish WE love you and if your are ENGLISH we love you too.  May the best side win!!

This is what happened today folks: first off Owner reports a strange dream and had to do a cartoon of it.  second off, she finally flings off on her rounds, part of which is to secure more expensive dietary food for the Bubster.  BUT by the time she screeched to a halt by the good vets doorway IT WAS SHUT. Third off, does she speed off into town, to get to aged parent's bank for some help. IT WAS SHUT.  Everything that Owner meant to do, was FERME (that is closed in Frenchy france.x) OR ZAKRYTO (closed in Russky Russian or a bit like it.x)

Eventually Owner trundles back home (we were open) and starts again. Aons of years later she has tried to download things and rung people up for help.  Then she flings out for her second helping of annoying and rubbish things to happen. X
There we are!!! Owner reports her dream thus:  I was on these big ladders or steps, and someone else was behind me I think, and then I felt wobbly and sort of slid over to the next door's fence and seemed to glide down into the soft mud of the garden.  BUT, I was alright Wonka after thinking I was in for a fall. The upshot is folks, Owner reckons it was a dream of REASSURANCE (I know.  it was smack on my breakfast time, so I did listen up plus hang on every word.X) and following this dream of 'landing on her feet' we are to stop worrying about everything being shut. End of and fact up. X
In other less complicated news, we are slightly looking forward to the Voice and if only my little Paloma can keep out of it and let the singers sing, we will be fine.  And Owner can stop shouting at the tv.  Then we can slide gracefully into the land of Casualtee and Charley Nursey before Owner starts on her worry jive mins before bedtime.  I have recently checked on the Bubster and he is worry free, as is Ruggles.  Me?  thanks for asking and I refuse to spend time on things that have not happened.  End of.x
Now do enjoy your good eve folks, which as far as I know is OPEN for business!! At ease! and Big Love Wonka X