Monday, 8 February 2016

More New Years!!

Owner had to be prised out of bed this morning even though she was having a bad dream.
HOW BAD Wonka? you all shout up really interested now. Owner reports she had to get the police in to remove a bad person. from her house.  yes, and also - and this is the best bit folks,  Owner forgot, yes forgot she had a baby!! and had left it outside next door's gate!  Did you get it back I questioned up, as you do when a small child is involved................YES I DID, she says and it was in one those little carrier things.  AND, none the worse for being left behind either. 
And all of this folks before we start the day!!! Which is the Chinese New Year of the Monkey!!
There we are!!! Rugglesis introduces the year of the Monkey!  good luck to everyone even though you might not be one.  There are 12 animals to be depending on what year you popped into this world in! We think Ruggles is a dog and I might be one too, and if not we are Cats.........and as for Bertie Bubb, he could be a snake as he is always hissing at me! I know!X
Owner read somewhere that it is unlucky to wash your hair on the first day of the new year so she has a fab excuse not to.  is that why it looks like a haystack I said.....BUT not out loud folks!!! No one has tried to contact her this morn for any cover work anywhere not even in the place where she fell to bits...not that anyone would notice she tells me up, as all else are doing the same. is there an easier way for Owner to earn a crust you all shout up as one.  As I have droned to you before, many a time, I am busy busy busy trying to be famous and rich.
I have excelled myself this morn in a new French phrase and may have to lie down. X
In other news, Ruggles has jogged off to the luxury shed for a lay down in there.  He is nestled in the upstairs box (on the shelf) and will not come home as yet.  We think mid afternoon he will as he will be starving by then as will I.  And bubb. X
Now that Owner is firmly back on the scrap heap, we can enjoy a more gentler paced day, with plenty of snacks in it.  IF she can get over her bad dream. WHY Wonka, she keeps pestering me, Did I dream of that person??  I have tried hard to be a dream interpreter folks and come up with several options. (list) 1.  it is an anxiety dream disguising your dread of work 2.  It is a chance to explore your fears of things that need removing from your life safely within a dream. and 3.  you mentioned the number 12 in your dream and this may be significant forget all the other horrid, fearful, anxious stuff,  End of and Facts up. X
We both sobbed through call the midwifey and no wonder Owner had poor dreams.  Tonight there is corrie times two and we have a new baddie that will outdo Feelan and it is Jenee! Rita will be too blinded by goodness to see it, and only Kirkee in the Factory has a glimmering of the true colours.......there is a new refugee in the factory who got on Owner's nerve by eating. yes.  At a table talking to Evah who is the only one who knows.  And if Owner's setting moves up a notch we could watch Enders.  That should round us off nicely folks, on this first good day of the Chinese new year.  and I am going to say monkeys to everyone all day long!!! X
Have a full on monkey day folks! with no scratching! Big Love Wonka X