Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happi Valentines!!

Just a short and sweet little word up from me to wish you all good folks out there a loving day - you know that Owner is my best valentine and I have given her the gift of me being good ALL DAY LONG....................X
That's lovely Wonka! you all gasp up in admiration.... yes, it is an old sketch of Owner's showing off a good bunch of cheery daffs PLUS the famous Plymouth pony or donkey or such like.  and anytime we need to laugh or smile (let's face it that is every day folks.x) we just need to look at that toothy grin! I love it.X
In other less valentine ridden news, we got through The Voice nicely with my little paloma only apologising over and over again a couple of times, and Owner hardly noticed. WHY? you all wonder up suddenly interested...Because folks she is battling with a new and complicated accounting problem.  I have found that if Owner is given a horrid money problem she is quiet for days on end and on FULL ON worry wart setting.  I have thrown a good amount of silver into the wishing well and expect it to be solved sharpish.

This diary is messing about and has published itself without my say so!! End of and fact upski. x

Tonight we are weeping steadily through pass the midwife and then if Owner is still anxiety ridden I will make her watch something else.  IF there is anything beyond torture serials or spies.  Tomorrow Owner must shuffle off to Mencap and avoid any talk of whether she is better off than they are (the staff folks, not the clients we love them.X) My advice folks is to count to around 500 before speaking.  End of.X

Do enjoy the rest of your valentines folks and keep warm and snug like me, Bertie bubb and Rugglestop. Big Love Wonka X