Saturday, 13 February 2016


Usually folks, when we get to February, Owner's poor life already on fair to middling setting, slips down a notch.  last year, about this time she fell straight into ugly mode and stayed there.  ALSO Wonka, she interrupts me to remind me just how AWFUL it was, she was placed in a nursery with FAB children but NOT fab staff.
AND had to travel for half and hour (at Owner's pace which is pretty fast don't forget) to turn up on time.

NOT THAT ANYONE CARED Wonka, she moaned up to me.

AND?  you all question up in the new and still very annoying way.

This year, all is different.  and better.  and not ugly.  Good Graham who is Owner's hairdresser and has survived for a year and a half in this important NO vital role, trots in yesterdee and transforms Owner from looking really nice (she said and I agreed.x) to downright gorgeous.  end of and fact up.X

About once a year folks, it just goes right.  There is no known reason for this and even Einstein would have struggled for an answer.  yes. X
In other more important news, Bertie was whisked to the vets and overseen by the good vet Mrs Duffy who is fab and who Bertie does like.  HE was popped on not one but two scales as the first ones said he had put on masses of weight.  The upshot is, the first weigh in, according to the good vet was simply wrong. I mean I am trying hard to reduce his weight by the simple and effective (get me.x) intervention (see what I mean.x) of eating his food. Even that is not working. he is on the same miniscule diet, and to return in one month. Thinner. X
We cuddled up to twice times Corrie and poor symon is troubled and angst ridden like all teenage boys all over the world except he is not a teenager yet.  Surely there is another excuse. Sally is still going for councillor (spelling!x) and ignoring that the whole street does not care. AND thingy in the wheelchair is buying drugs off of thingy in the blanket coat who helps Dev out. We were quite worn out and had to watch Enders to refresh ourselves.  Ben who is with a girl when he wants to be with a boy STILL has not said. This has annoyed Owner nearly as much as Stacee and her madness did.x
Tonight we will tune into the singing show that has soap tendencies (says Owner.  do you mean the constant squabbling and making up again of the so-called panel of judges Owner I quizzed up?  YES Wonka she advised.x) Dickensian went very sad with babies being whizzed off and handed over to strangers and nasty compeyson is as big a liar and cheat as ever before. We hate him he is a top villain.x
Do have a super Satdee when it stops raining and whatever else it wants to cough up.  Owner will dash to the shops and her rounds (aged sibling and parent) and thankfully I can get on with my to do list once she does.  laugh and smile folks!  big Love Wonka X