Friday, 12 February 2016


OWNER reported up thus:

It is tiring Wonka, being a newbie all the time. tourjours le temps I said up in my best frenchy france.
MAIS OUI she says back full of it, all because she has been in a French lesson.  I KNOW WHAT socks are in French she shows off by saying.  And folks, seeing as how I was pretty near to starving for my tea time I had to ask WHAT IS IT Owner??

chausettes or something very like it. The end, LE FIN and fact up.

In German, socks are SOCKEN.  I love this word and it is now my word up of the entire year so far.  Whoever and whatever gets on my wick and Owner's nerve, we shall say PUT A SOCKEN in it!! X

Bertie has to trail back to the Vets this morning and then, Owner must dash straight to the new and promising school she has been placed with.  At this rate, she will lose weight much quicker than Bertie folks.

Here he is!! an old sketch of Owner's when Bertie wasn't MASSIVE and needing a full on diet.  Owner is hoping that when he is placed on the scales (he doesn't break them I goes up!! sorry Bertie X) that he has lost a couple of whatever they are calling it now.  IS IT GRAMS she questions up?
It being Fridee there is more to do than ever.  And Owner is tiring me out by talking about it all.  The second she falls back in the door our fave hairdresser is braving it out with her hair.  yes.  Because he is finally coming to tame her locks into a decent hairstyle her hair has gone right.  She sent him a massive (Owner's word up for the year) text explaining what to do, and if we are in luck he will ignore it completely.  I know.
Dickensian was too sad last night and we want more bullseye and less weeping please.  Corrie will do us proud and I haven't mentioned Enders and I'm not going to.  Whisk you way through Fridee folks and the weekend is all to play for!  Big Love Wonka X