Sunday, 28 February 2016

Giving Up!

NOW WHAT Wonka?!! you all say quietly it being Sundee eve and all.  It is all Owner's fault for saying loudly to me I GIVE UP Wonka.  I mean, as far as I'm concerned she has it cushy.  Looking after us three, that's DE RIEN ... a little preparation and planning for our biscuit consumption (OOH!!!) making sure the facilities are changed regularly.....plently of cuddles and brushing and combing and....oh and then there's the odd time when she gets werk..UN PEU  or MALEN'KIY (that means 'a little' folks in Rusky Russian!!x) the weekly round up with aged sibling and parent....what on earth is she giving up for!!!  and as for the shopping, Owner has taken nicely to Spa at the end of our street.  it is small (TICK) she likes every single shop assistant (unheard of and giant TICK) and if they would only restock Thomas cat concrete I mean litter, we would award it shop of the year.  End of and Fact up.X

Just to remind you all what a fab three we are specially me, here is the three of us:

There we are, ME, the Bubster and Rug.X ps I said to Owner, Owner that looks like Us Twee......she says I know Wonka it is how I write my t and h and r. AH, I says back.X
Now this is short and sweet tonight folks as we MUST be ready for Call the midwifey.  it is always hankie time when we watch it and that is good for Owner to have a good weep in front of another topsy turvy week (for her folks. I will enjoy my usual steady in the ZEN time of it. X)  Who knowsfolks our fortunes could take a giant leap UP what with our latest story being considered by our bestest publishers Austin Macauley and my Christmas Story available to the whole entire World at good (Wonka's Christmas Story X) why is Owner on about giving up?? I have put it down to the usual sundee setting which hovers between It will be alright Wonka, to IT CANNOT BE ALRIGHT Wonka......big fact up. the end.X
Have you noticed the snowdrops folks and the crocuseseses?? It does mean, despite all of Owner's mood settings that Spring is coming.  It is.  Now best fur on tomorrow as it is the start of what could be the best week of the year SO FAR.  Big Love Wonka X