Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wishing on a Well!

What is all this Wonka? you all creep out of bed to ask me.

The Wishing Well has coughed up, that's what!! All those tiny pieces of silver folks, have returned our wishes...........Whilst Owner was out busy buying non essentials in the form of lights (fairy lights. TICK), another lamp (Alright we did need ONE more. TICK) gift for my Aunty soon to come over here and spoil me rotten (GIANT TICK) then onto the store that is not just any old store to come back with a new and shapely figure PLUS a T Shirt that cost more than any self respecting T shirt could cost.  DO YOU LIKE IT Wonka? she asks up and I said................YES or DA or MAIS OUI and finally DANKE.

then what Wonka you all shout now at me..............  then Owner gets a message from the best consultant this side of the Ganges wherever that is, to say PLS RING ME.  First off, Owner thinks it is bad news and suffers a guilt ridden 5 mins.  Then she does ring and it is more WERK..........for the nxt three days folks!!!  That is all of us on best biscuits and expensive diets!! XXXX

The other after shock to all of this is that Owner will be so busy she may shed a few pounds.  When she was forced to look at herself in THAT store, whilst trying on new non essential items, she saw a big fat fairly attractive person glaring back.  That's not true Owner I says up, you don't glare that often...............ONLY JOKING!!!!

Luckily, the big positive for me is extra time to zzzzzzzzzzz and generally be nosey and naughty without anyone to counter it.  BE GOOD, she says to me as she skips off out.  As if...............
Big Love Wonka X