Friday, 5 September 2014

Bingo Fridee

Wonka here.  We used to call it HOUSEY HOUSEY says Owner, who has been to play Bingo with aged sibling.  It is his Birthdee and the first of the birfdee frenzy.  He is first, then Owner's daughter and then Owner is having one.  It is a frenzied time as you may all know.  Not only this but there are more birfdees to report up.  BLIMEY! you all chirp up, who else??  there is Daughter's best cousin and then on the same day as Owner is Owner's bestest friend who she went to Paris with, and Cornwall too.  IT IS ALL IN HAND goes Owner who if you ask me, and even if you don't looks like she is on Stressed out setting.  I love it.

Bingo ahoy para.  you will want to know this:  did Owner win at bingo??  I WON A LINE, she tells me, sipping a nice hot cup of builders tea.  She is lucky in raffles but not usually anything else so we cannot bank on a nice big win to sort out our dwindling fortunes. OH NO I have mentioned finances and we all know this is a touchy subject.  End of.  What else has happened this good bingo Fridee?  Owner has been to her hairdressers and THINKS she likes her hair.  Would it help I ventured if you could not see what the hairdresser was doing??  I only hope, she tells me, that the nice young lady snipping away could not read my facial expressions.  (and so do I!!  sorry Owner!!)  Me?  thanks for asking, well I like Owner's hair even when it is all sticking up and the colour is funny, but don't tell her I said that!  I love it.

Winning line para.  Now yesterdee were we all on full anxiety setting for the cat flap. Has Ruggles learned what to do with it you all wonder up?  Owner reports that twice he bobbed in to eat the fresh chick that was in there and twice he bobbed out.  Did you help him Owner I challenged up? (like it)  A LITTLE BIT she says.  by that she means holding the cat trap I mean flap open on the way in and out.  I rest my paws and everything.  for today's good cartoon it is me and Bertie Bubb being banished upstairs out of the way of open doors and Handymen.

There we are!  Bertie is up top and me at the bottom with Owner telling us what to do!!  I went straight on my pillycase on Owner's bed and Bertie hid away in the wardrobe.  We love it.
Fresh and final bingo winning para.  and listen to this, did Ruggles turn up again late into the night with Tinkerbelle!  he loves Tinkers and she didn't know how to use the flap either!  In the end guess what Owner did?  NO that is not it.  she opened the shed as per normal.  I know.  but she is very happy with the new delux shed and that dear folk out there is all we ask.  Now last night did we catch up with Corrie and KLAXON sounding!!  Carling Black eyebrows has finally seen the light and knows that Peetah has not done away with Teenah.  She has gone and shared this vital information with Michelle so the whole street will know soon!  Ken will be made up and good Deidre can calm down on the red wine and fags.  meanwhile Max the child from frantic alley is kicking up a storm in the David and Kylie household, and is also having a birthdee!  it's birthdees all the way!  Tonight we must continue with Corrie and have said cherio to the young Vets who all passed their exams in the final episode.  It was a bit sad as lolly was dispatched to the next room and reminded Owner of Diva, her last faithful mutt.  She was a girlie angel dog and there will be a story all about her maybe next year says Owner.  Now here we are again at the weekend, and our last snippet of information goes like this.  The advert for the house next door has gone out of the window.  This can only mean it has been LET.  We have prayed constantly to the god of neighbours that they will indeed be good ones.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x