Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Is it Fridee yet Wednesdee

Wonka here.  slept in nicely.  Dreams?  all wisped away.  Me?  thanks for asking, I spent the night on my giant nest aka the spare bed.  Why? you all gasp up, did you settle in there?  I have just noticed there are too many question marks so far into this blog and I am sorry about that.  I do like to spread myself about and I noticed earlier on that the bed was freshly made (ready for my Aunty) with a nice smelling pilly case on it.  Owner does put these on the nests I mean beds, to encourage us to lay on them, and we do!! I love it.

Fresh not Fridee yet para.  Owner is preparing away, with a bag here a list there, and if she has studied the route once I think she could give a lecture on it to those pesky United nations people.  The car with no name is looking very pleased with itself and smart.  I have spied on it across the motorway stroke street.  One of the jobs, I says to Owner, must have been two new tyres....YES she goes back, that was the first job he mentioned (Craig) when he said it needs 2 x lsjgtgkh's as the kfhgy is worn down.  Without more ado and with a slight fanfare TADAHHHHHH here is today's good cartoon of said car going into said garage!
There it is!  Owner is just dropping it off to the waiting mechanics, that is Craig and this nice young lady mechanic too.  to the right you will notice the leaves are now falling as yesterdee was officially the start of the autumn equinox!  I say.  Oh and our fave pretend Alsation dog is sitting on the back to cheer up drivers who get close up to Owner.  hopefully they cannot lip read and I have had a word with her about that.  I love it.
Fresh it is still today para.  Soon be Fridee I goes to her!  I must go out and get the rest of the shopping she declared up to me.  TAKE YOUR TIME I shouts after her but she didn't hear me above the clanking and clinking of the bag of glass for the recycling.  zzzzzzzzzzOH, there she is back.  Wonka, she moans up to me hauling all these bags in the good front door.  WHAT I says a tad annoyed as I have been woken from a deep and snuggly sleep.   THE GLASS RECYCLING BINS have all gone  And she knows they are all gone because she went round the usual three places for them.. At the last one she finally got out and read the notice - IT WAS MINISCULE Wonka she complained to me - anyhow the notice said in tiny writing that there are not going to be bins for glass and everyone is to use their blue bins.  zzzzzzzzzzzOH sorry Owner, I did she had taken this big bag of glass all around town and back again only to have to put it all in the blue bin which was patiently sitting out back all the time!  I thought this was funny and I thought Bertie was chuckling from deep in his lair (the Narnia cupboard) but we managed to stop in time for Owner noticing.  AND TO CAP IT ALL she finishes off, aged parent was laughing at everything and making strange comments.  Now who does that remind me of........I love it.
Final it is still Wednesdee para.  Why we had to watch John Barrowman in this complicated new quiz show on Beeb two I dare not ask as I was still waiting for my tea time.  Ruggles was nicely in the delux shed for the night and when Owner last popped out there, who was on the other side of the flap but Tinkers!  We gave each other a start! goes Owner.  Last night we managed Enders which was all the more interesting because it really is a new Ben and everyone is shouting at him except Fil.  Shazzer is sposed to be marrying Fil but no one ever gets happily married in Enders.  Then it was Holbee and those mad Doctors and it even had a mad mother in it - I did say to Owner is this too close to home but she didn't hear me above checking out back for Ruggles or Tinkers,  Tonight it is the sanity of Corrie and we did hear a whisper that kev the mechanic is to come home and upset the applecart of Sally and Tim.  Not to mention madeh and thingy.  if Owner wants to watch the bad bake off she can.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x