Sunday, 14 September 2014

Surviving Sundee

Wonka here.  Who, you all gasp up, is surviving?  here follows list.  1.  we all survived an early start by a giant SLEEP IN.  Goodness! said Owner when she saw the clock!  Even Ruggles looked a bit put out, sitting on the good bench out back waiting for some brekkie.  2.  we survived a home delivery of cat food that had TWO REPLACEMENTS.  NO! says Owner to the nice delivery man, she goes WONKA WILL NOT EAT THAT!  I must say that all the other millions of trays and luxury cat food for Bertie Bubb and Rug and Tinkers (we shouldn't be encouraging her I have told Owner about this) no, that was FINE.  just mine wasn't right.  BUT Owner rejected the other sub standard cat food.  3. Owner has survived the bad hairdo and is deeply in love with the new hairdo and the hairdresser that did it.  I love him for saving the day.  and 4.  this is our bookslot offering and it is a surviving wooden horse.
There it is!!  Owner thought she had lost this book (childhood book folks, so I was prepared to get under that bed but NO, daughter had it all the time. breath easy.)  The author of this book is famous for more brilliant stories like Gobbolino the Witches Cat, but this one tells of the said wooden horse battling away and having adventures.  Even then, says Owner, I could not bear it if things went wrong.  Nothing, good folks out there, has changed.  I love it.
****************MORE BOOKSLOT NEWS OF THE WEEK NEWS**************
We have more illustrations to show you, and Owner says no wonder she is doing all her cartoons and such like today, she thinks she is inspired by people like this:
What beautiful illustrations by Peggy Fortnum and how brave this little horse is - if you have any little children around Owner thinks they will love this story lots.  just like she did reading under the covers with her magic lantern!  Wonka, she tells me, the lights went from normal to red and then green!  Sounds like a little traffic light to me I says, I love it.  And listen to this!!  Owner has now discovered in a stroke of synchronicity that this very author had written a book about both Gobbolino and the little wooden horse!!  in 1984 it seems.   Also, we have found out that Ursula did a lot of her own illustrations.  We love her even more said Owner.  
Fresh we will survive para.  What with getting up so late I have not had time to drag you through some Of Owner's fleeting dreams.  I was in this terrible building I think it was a Casino she says.  OH I goes back.  I was going round in circles and could not find the way out.  I asked people to help me and finally saw a doorway with stairs going down.  off I went and then THEN, it was surrounded by that wire fencing.  BLIMEY I said to this.  I tore a hole in the wire but even then there was another fence.  Did you get out I says.  Eventually, me and these others.  thank goodness I went back as all this being trapped and escaping business quite wore me out.  I did say is it time to get off out and get the right cat food, but she didn't hear me above saying I MUST GET A MOVE ON Wonka.  I love it.
Finalish survive it all para.  Owner returned with some non essentials BUT because it is her birfdee tmro I am going to look past it. and give it a TICK.  What, you all wonder up did she buy??  first off she had to have some new nail varnish TICK and then she had to have two of those fragrant and banishing all other smells (especially Bertie's) candles.  TICK.  serviettes TICK I especially like them because they have birds on (owls) and you all know how much I love  bird so TICK.  She managed not to buy a new mug.  IT WAS THE SAME AS ONE I ALREADY HAVE she tells me.  And?  I says in that new and annoying way.  I think they had a light shining on the cups to make them look better than they are she goes, plus (and this was the decider) I DON'T NEED A NEW MUG.  Was I proud good folks out there or was I proud.  Now tonight we are faced with more of the hex factor which very slightly got on our nerves.  This was due to the contrived singing of some of them who then got through, whilst, some of the real singers didn't!  of course we will be glued to it tonight.  No question..  I think it is down to exactly this kind of non thought provoking telly that helps Owner sleep at night.  Before I leave you good folks to get on with your Sundee countdown to the next week ahead I have a shred of good news.  TINKERS IS GETTING IN AND OUT OF THE CAT FLAP with a peg in it to signal it is a WAY IN!!  so there we end on a good surviving note.  All about surviving change and if only Owner can find a way to survive not working and being poverty stricken I will Survive too!!!!  Only joking!!!  Now it is time for tea and all the checking I have to do (Bertie and Rug) so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x