Thursday, 18 September 2014

Trusty Thursdee

Wonka here.  bonjour, good day, howdy folks out there all enjoying better weather than us.  For the fourth day running it is mizzle drizzle fog and grey. No wonder Owner is losing her motivation.  last night she battened down the hatches, and had even battened down the little black dog, preparing for the peace and quiet of upstairs.   A good book to read (she is still in love with The Goldfinch and cannot put it down) and me nestling nicely (I do try!) and Bertie bubb growling his way along the side of the bed.  he does like a good growl in advance that Bertie.  so all was going fairly well di di do do DAAAAAHHHH.
There it is!  The leaking radiator! And just underneath are Owner's best pink slippers and some books.   Owner looks at the floor near the radiator which is soaking wet and goes WHAT IS THAT WET PATCH Wonka!  I mean how should I know!  then she spies a drip drip drip coming out of this miniscule pipe.  yes it is the radiator and NO we didn't know why. Jugs and towels later we are ready for a night's sleep.  I just want things to go right moans up Owner.  me too I says.  I love it. not.
Trusty para.   In the morning for reasons best known to itself the pipe, the leak was over.  it had stopped.  You see, I goes up, you just need to TRUST more.  but she didn't hear me above stabbing at that start button on the new washing machine which is so sensitive it may change if you breath on it.  So today we are taking it all very steady with no sudden moves, just a little venture to the corner shop where they don't sell (not too many) non essentials.  One good thing has happened so far today though.  What the heck could it be you all shout up taking your heads out of your hands!!  Owner is cracking on with our new story for Halloween.  It should be on at least a week before the end of October and will be called Wonka's Halloween Story.  it has illustrations (yes I have let Owner pop a few in the story to liven it up).  Finally, it is a proper ghosty story!! we love it.
More to trust in Para.  Here follows two bits of good news are you ready??  first off Owner has won a prize in the Battersea dogs home (for all animals really) raffle!!!  OOOH.  it is vouchers to spend in good old M & S (not just any old clothes and Owner reports seeing some racy adverts for menswear. I say.) which is going to help out our finances.  The second bit of good news is that as a result of Owner's fraught phone call to do with money (what else?) yesterdee, there is a giant reduction in the bill she was questioning.  HURRAH today!  The power of negotiation (big word but worth it) folks out there paying through the teeth (must not mention teef as it winds Owner up.  got new dentist but now she is wondering should she go back to the old one.  Another dilemma for Owner to mash over or gnash over).  We love it.
Final trust it will be alright para.  so we are heading for a more positive evening as long as the radiators, washing machines, and life in general stays steady.  last night we got through Corrie and Peetah is in deep trouble with Jim who is running the entire prison underworld.  yes.  the dog,, Rascal or raggles or something like it, is safe with Madeh and thingy for now, and Amy (Tracee's daughter) is training up to be a mini nightmare of a child.  After that we watched our fave Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai.  Owner wants to go there but I said the credit card is not up to it and she will have to win a really big raffle, or, do what we usually do and ask the wishing well.  We love it.  tonight we are beholden to nothing.  A big fat nothing is on the telly.. At last I may be able to watch my Frozen!!!  I think, says Owner, we will have to watch one of my films.  She has taken two aspirin in readiness for a cold she thinks is coming.   No wonder, she moans up, I feel so desperate!  And listen to this good folks out there all in your own social whirls, Owner may go out tmro eve to her new creative group thingy wotsit!!  All to play for if we just calm down and trust.  Me?  ever so well thank you and just watched Ruggles go back over the motorway stroke street safely.  Referendum?  What referendum.....all be over tomorrow those pesky Scots!!   Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x