Monday, 8 September 2014

Manic Mundee

Wonka here.  Good day folks out there in the Wold possibly having all sorts of different days. To begin with, Owner had one of those nights.  Was it a good idea I piped up when she was nearly out of earshot, to read the Sundee paper in bed before you turned the light out.  I mean not to worry you good folks out there all over the Wold, but there is not a lot of good news about.  Me and Bertie well we take it all in our stride and you know what a tolerant down to earth feline I am - Bertie?  he is so laid back and all, we could all learn how to relax with him.  So it was a nice positive thing to see the news via twitter folks that our very own Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Will and Kate are to have another babe!!!!  A little bruv or sister for George.  We don't just love it, WE ADORE IT!!!!

Manic para.  perhaps it is lack of sleep or just the usual worrywarting but Owner is on HET UP setting.  I feel very revved up goes Owner to me just before she flings out to the shops.  I did shout after her to watch the pennies but she didn't hear me above telling us to BE GOOD WONKA.  As if!!!!  When she fell back in after what seemed like days, we were starving and good Ruggles was on the step.  of course the dilemma of the catflap continues.  Owner has shared this story with aged parent who in her aged wisdom said this:  what you want (Owner) and what Ruggles wants might be two different things.  Pegs?  Door open??  the Dilemma continues good folks and I can see this one running and running.  I love it.

More manic paras.  for todays good cartoon it is of course all about the shed.  What else could it be!!

There we are!!  Owner is pondering on it all and has pegs propping the flap open.  That old drawer is the step up to the flap.  yes, that is in case Ruggles or Tinkers cannot reach up.  I know.  At the left hand side you can see the Tomato Triffid and I am where I would be, if I was there!!  you all know I watch the proceedings from my fave perch on the sideboard where I can see all the comings and goings in the good back yard.  What, you all gasp up, has Owner decided??  for now, the shed door is pushed to and can be opened by anyone with a mind to by pulling it open with their paw.  I love it.

Final manic para.  tonight there is no Corrie.  WOE.  Due to there being a good footie match between our England side and Switzerland.  We may tune in we may not.  There is another option and that is a DVD Owner is looking forward to.  it is Good Will Hunting and of course dearly loved and now dispatched to the next room Robin Williams is in it.  All say it is good.  Yes Enders is still on but do we need it now it is covered in babies and murderers.  Jay who is a young man not a bird has been arrested which means he is not the murderer goes Owner, it will turn out to be one of the Queen Vic brood.  or not.  Now in Corrie, as we know the murdering Rob is enjoying a moment of cricket glory.  OOOH if only they all knew.    Somehow Owner has made it through the day without murdering anyone herself although she did look likely with the pet fly that has settled in here nicely.  Now it is early days in the week and we have all to play for, so do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x