Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New Wonka Story Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  pleased to report we all slept like tops and put it down to Owner NOT going through her worrywart list late at night.  Instead she is reading a book she says and I quote. WAS VOTED A WINNER FOR SOME PRIZE.  who is it?  I ventured up.  Donna thingy and the book is The goldfinch or something very close to it.  OH I says back.  According to Owner it could be classed as a bit sad but she is alright with it.  Now I would much rather Owner read  something humorous (like one of our very own Wonka stories) or at the least a James Herriot before bedtime but who am I??  I might keep going with it, she says, as I like Theo.  He, dear folks out there all thinking what is she on about, is the hero so far  and probably all the way.  Yes, we love it.

Fresh Wonkarooni para.  a quiet creative day had here and I am just one proud feline really.  Yes it is all down to our new and tenth in the series Conversations with Wonka - part four .  You can find all our stories on www.smashwords.com and use the #wonka to find us!  Bertie doesn't get it, and I must say I could do with  bit more adulation instead of hissing.  Ruggles is completely unaware that he is trotting into the home of a famous feline but I'll let him off and so would you if you met up with him out back in the night.  Last night we looked out and there was Tinkers, which is fine, but with Blackster, which isn't so fine.  I AM SURE, goes Owner, that Blackster and Rug do not get on.  I could say hit it off but Owner says that is not appropriate.  I love it.

More about me para.  Owner says I will get a big head but I beg to differ as I am a very grounded cat so this cannot happen.  For today's good cartoon we have a little peep at Owner's non essential buying!
There we are!  Owner struggles back home with bags of books and Mogs poking out of the top, and the dread jeans that are not going to fit any better than the first pair.  And there is me and mousey patiently waiting.  We love it.
Final new story para.   Owner has stumbled out for some fresh air, just to the local shops where she is amazed to find bargains.  And I mean essential bargains.  I checked the bag on her return and....TICK.  We are revving up for Thursdee which is the day of the shed, and tomorrow who knows.  Last night we loved our double dose of Corrie and Peetah is at death's door and who goes to visit him but Carling black eyebrows!  She has caved in despite wicked Rob her bruverly bruv putting her off.  Elsewhere, Team Jason are busy sorting out Tryrone's loft.  Will they pull the wool over fizz's eyes though?  We think not.  We survived Enders by half watching it.  Staycee is back in it and not only is she annoying us she is annoying Witnee!!  And, if there wasn't one new child or babe in it there were loads of them!  Owner thinks Enders is stocking up for the future.  Tonight there is more Enders but instead we will give Young Vets our full attention.  Judy is still our big fave.  if we are up to it, there is good Holby City and those back stabbing doctors and nurseys.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x