Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Melt down Wednesdee

Wonka here.  peaceful night and only one mysterious dream to report up.  Owner says her neighbour (good) from across the way was sitting in the room with her (this has never to our knowledge happened) unpacking some books that had been left to him.  OH I goes, nearly dropping back off with excitement zzzzzzzzz OH!  One of them, she says, was this big art book and she says OH I'll have that for my daughter.  Yes?  I said, Then What??  It was by one of those surrealist out there chaps she says and for some reason I called him Gaga.  but I think I meant Dada.  Or, she goes, was it Gauguin? (??)  I had dropped off by this time and when I came back to I did say but you hate that Gaga singer person and you leap to the radio to turn it off if she comes on it, but she didn't hear me above putting the steam engine aka kettle on to boil.  I love it.

melt down day para.  I thought, you all say being so clever clogs out there in the wold, that yesterdee was the bluesday day.  It was good folks but when that wily old black dog is creeping up you never know when he is going to rear up properly.  Well today he has reared up and I have my work cut out I can tell you.  First off, this is Owner's cartoon impression of said black dog.  you will all go AHH what a lovely little thing!
There he is!!  he first appeared as you might know in a dream to Owner, and every now and then he pops up either lurking by her heels or demanding a bit more attention.  to let you good folks out there know also if you didn't, the black dog was made famous by none other that Sir Winston Churchill who used to get very down and this is what he called it!  We sort of love him and the main thing is according to Owner, if you try and ignore him or pretend he is not there, he will come back larger and noisier!! 
Barking and woofing para.   Yes there it was laying in wait and first thing to set Owner off was a look at one of her applications to save us from starving.  UNSUCCESSFUL it goes against the application update when she clicks on it.  This was followed up by a phone call about money.  You can all guess how that went.  As soon as I heard the rustle of millions of bits of paper and she was in that Narnia cupboard did I dive upstairs!!  What can we do to save the day?  Best not to mention referendums as this is getting on Owner's nerves and I did suggest a nice Disney film like Frozen (I am still waiting to see it folks) or even our best fave Zulu as this is our top surviving film ever.....I AM GOING OUT she says to me.  I did shout Take your time Owner and that me and Bertie will be fine don't worry about us, or Rug, or Tinkers, but she didn't hear me above checking the front door was shut.  I love her.
Small melt down para.  Back she steps and short of holding knives and forks up what were to do!!  I was starving and Bertie was born starving and there on the step saying he was starving was teddy bear ruggles!!  I checked the bags for non essential luxury purchases and guess what?  DE RIEN!  NOTHING! ZILCH.  I would have checked her temperature but I was busy eating my tea.  Visits to aged parent and aged sibling??  All passed by peacefully.  Again, she must be coming down with something.  As long as we have plenty of supplies in I won't worry.  I love it.
Final little black dog para.  Is he still there you all shout up?  Like I said, it is no good pretending he is not there when he is.  He is sort of hanging about but Owner did pick up a bit when she got a result over a money matter.  This is just the kind of result we need Wonka, she goes to me earlier on.  Again, as long as we are not starving overmuch I cannot grumble.  last night we struggled through with Holbee City and a rather manic trainee Doctor who is being propped up by her Dad who happens to run the whole shebang and Hospital.  That would help anyone really, but I mustn't go on about Dads and such like as this may set Owner off on an extreme feeling sorry for itself jag. (how she hasn't got a Dad to sort things out etc.  I know! it's that little black dog you see).  so tonight we are to be cheered up by Corrie and prison malarkys and Tyrone and Jason squabbles and how can we possibly feel sorry for bad boy Todd?  And then there is Gail and Michael all lovey dovey and in danger of getting on Owner's remaining nerve.  BUT, we can choose between the bad bake off or, that gorgeous out of this Wold Taj Mahal Hotel (in India - we love it) on Beeb 2.  Whatever makes Owner smile is going straight on the telly.  Another small but positive piece of news is that we have entered a raffle.  Not just any raffle, but a Marian Keyes raffle!  The prize is ace and can we win it please.  Perhaps a little offering into the Wishing Well....  Now do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x