Saturday, 9 May 2015

All for One Satdee

Wonka here.  Has she stopped going on about it all yet? eh? EH?  Not on your nellies! She has only just got started - I am in for weeks of moaning up about Dave and his merry outfit and all I can say is, if you were fool enough to vote for him, don't tell Owner!  We don't love him!

Fresh all for one para.  In an attempt to stop Owner from months of boring analysis (get me) I have put a plan in motion. It consists of steering her away from any political reading, listening to the news or seeing it or both, OH I am doing a list now and I didn't mean to. 3.  going on facebook and losing even more 'friends'.  So far in, my plan has come to naught.  When she fell back in from the usual swim shop and double whammy visit, she was armed with a Satdee paper.  YOU NEVER BUY IT ON A SATDEE I did raise my voice and say to her.  Well I am now! she replied and only went and sat and read it cover to cover! AND went on facebook.  goodbye all those so called friends............
Hang on!  surely this will reveal who are the real friends from the fair weather ones.....  Owner did say (quote) I DON'T DO FRIENDSHIP LITE.  I love it x

Small all for one para.  In order to make Owner break away from all things political and return to all things cats...or at least featuring one, here is as promised the new cat on the block:

There we are!  It is Greycie.... OR Gracie. Or Grayson??  Just sighted once but now in our hall of fame. We love it!x
Final all for one and one for all para.  Last night my plan did succeed and Owner faded gracefully (get me) away at nineish for a peaceful night.  I did not look at Bertie bubb, or Ruggles and am giving myself a gold star for that one.  Tonight, Casualtee is making way for the VE night of celebrations on Beeb one.  if it was for anything else we would moan up, but in this case, we must remember them.  Owner reports asking aged parent what she did on VE day.  And? I went in the new and annoying way....SHE CAN'T REMEMBER said Owner, who I understand grilled, I mean questioned aged parent for a while on this.  And if we want to check in with Britain's got Talent without Owner having a debate with herself about whether it can still be called that...(I rest my paws and everything) - then we can.  I have been successful with the cream slice and the vino.  End of.  Now do go steady yourselves out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x