Friday, 22 May 2015

Holiday Fever Fridee

Wonka here.  Now first up did Owner think she was ill.  EITHER THAT WONKA OR I'M PLAIN TIRED OUT.  I immediately suggested (list) 1.  A nice hot drink 2. keep scrolling down until you see that nice photo that cheers you up 3.  Don't, under any circumstances watch Enders.  Did she listen Wonka? you all shout up as one.  Did she bananas.  and to cap it all, Ruggles popped out and disappeared for what seemed like days.  I checked the clock and it was two hours. I love it. x

HOLIDAY para.  and can you credit this, and I think Owner should feel ill more often.  Did she pop  into town after her morning session at a needy school (just the usual pranksters and clowns folks) and go to this old fashioned family store, where if you are a snob (like Owner) you hide the carrier bag.... NO I DID NOT she says up to me when I challenged her.  Then why Owner, was it hidden in another bag? eh? EH? anyhow, did she go in there, trot upstairs to a Dept not unlike the one in a comedy programme called Are You Being Served - and find a beauty dressing gown and three yes three jimjams.  Can you, I said, can you credit that.  And she even stopped herself being rude and talking back to the sales assistant who accused her of leaving the hangers on the stands when she should have brought them to the counter.  For the sales assistant to say NO YOU CANNOT HAVE THE HANGERS.  Said assistant spent most of the transaction (OOHH) telling Owner off and going on about what the store detective might or might not say. BUT, Owner remained silent (and deadly!) and let the assistant do it herself.  GO OWNER!!! I love it. x

Fresh and holidee like para plus cartoon.  A while ago, Owner thought we had a new shed monster, due to bowl of biscuits being licked round and cleaned up; yes that and an empty water bowl.  You know me I am prone to suspect the Vikings and their trickery but the jury folks is out............

There we are!  The luxury shed (spot Owner's miserable attempt to spell folks.) with the door open and there is the cat flap at the bottom - through the little window you can see Baba's ashes (hankies away!) and another bed in case the two down below are full up. and yes you can see two bowls, one for water and one for biscuits.  Will the real shed monster reveal all..................
Final in the mood for a holidee para.  We have had a nice visit from Aunty Paula who is our cat sitter and I love her, end of.  Ruggles let her give him a nice cuddle and that is good news all round, and Bertie you all shout up, what of him??  From the gloom of the Narnia cupboard he gave her the paws up folks. Now the question all of you are on the edge of your seats wanting to ask up is: has Owner started her new book/s yet?  NO.  I knew the minute she had some choice she would carry on warring it with Henry and the Percys, against York and thingy. Iis Henry with it yet? Owner tells me if he were here today, he would have been referred (and thus on a long waiting list) for talking therapy. yes. Owner says this is alright if (list) 1.  you get to see someone whilst you are still a bit off your rocker and 2. that someone is good at their job of getting you off your rocker and back on firm ground.  Tonight we must cuddle up to Enders and get this, Alfie has only gone and got a brain tumour and then guess what....NO that is not it - he has not told Cat.  Owner is glad and shouted at the screen as per, to say GO TO SPAIN AND DIE THERE ALFIE which personally I thought was going it a bit.  Now if like Owner you are a bit holidee happi, we are glad and if not, pretend you are.  Do go steady out there in the wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x