Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tables Turn Wednesdee

Wonka here.  It had to happen folks and it has.  BBBBBRRRRRNNNGGGG!! Alright! I hear Owner go, and I'M NOT QUITE READY..... this folks meant 1.  I cannot step outside the front door without some disguise aka make up. 2.  My hair though has gone alright.  Saints be (my new catch phrase and I love it) 3. As long as I don't change my mind half way up the stairs about my school outfit, I will get to said school on time.  end of.  And Yes folks! I love it.

Tables turn para.  There is a glimmer of light and although Owner has been on very low setting due to Dave and his outfit, the complete and utter lack of any hours on her zero hours contract, and the weather not being warm enough for May - despite all of this, she is back on track and talking about holidays (Fab Four) our new book - Conversations with Wonka part Five, and the big Fish and Chip outing for tmro.  WHAT? you all cry up in unison, is this?? Eh? EH??  it has been in the planning for the last few weeks, and means that the entire family will assemble (like it) at Wackers chippie in town.  it may mean a slight headache in the doing of it, like collecting aged sibling and meeting aged parent off the bus and then daughter and grandson BUT she has high hopes of a historic lunch!  x

Brief interlude for a cartoon all about the last few days.....................
There we are! Nestled up to the good tv BUT had enoughski of all the news about 'the thing we mustn't mention for fear of Owner throwing something heavy at the screen'.  If it comes on the radio or she hears Dave's voice, it is turned off pronto.  Did you mention it when you met the staff at the school I went up, very cautiously for me, it being smack on afternoon snack time.  YES.  she reports she did say something and found out THEY FEEL LIKE ME Wonka.  Only five more years of this folks..............x
Final turning tables para.  Has Linda off of Enders had the babe you all want to know never mind how me and Owner are... yes, she managed to have a baby boy and now all want to know is it good Mick's or evil Dean's child; Staycee may have gone on holidee but Cat is still around but talking of moving to Spain and yes, Owner cheered that one on.  Tonight, we can relax in the knowledge that someone still wants Owner for something. That, plus she learnt about radio waves in Science. Yes. 
How is Bertie these days you all wonder up? he has started ignoring his best and very expensive Sheba for the more economical (get me) good as you like. and yes, he is still in the Narnia cupboard. Ruggles has forgotten all about being a happy wanderer and just about goes as far as round the side of the gate now and gingertop has paid a few visits.  Tonight we must relax in readiness for the big lunch tomorrow which means phone calls. lifts and meeting people at Wackers.  yes it really is called that.  Me?  thanks for asking, I intend to grab some well earned zzzzzzzzzzz and keep an eye on those non essentials Owner keeps dragging through the door.  I have put a ban on buying anymore pyjamas as they are making them for strange looking people with snake hips and miniscule waists OR shop dummies; they are not making them to sleep in.  Corrie X 1 awaits us, and we have news that a singer is to be in it as an Actor now.  His name is Shayne and we already love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x