Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hyacinth Satdee

Wonka here.  Owner trundles back in, after what seemed like hours parking up; I observed this, good folks, from my vantage point (like it) on the front room bay window, windy sill. YES I knocked Maximillian snow leopard over trotting from side to side BUT, ooooH I goes up as Owner backs slowly into the car behind and aaaH when she misses it by a cigarette paper  and WELL DONE Owner when after a thousand manoeuvres (help me) she is wedged nicely in between an old crock at the back and a thrify rental van in front.  Ten minutes later, the thrifty van moves off but how were we supposed to know that eh? EH?  Congratulations Owner! I says straight away after she had hauled in all the shopping, for parking up.  WHAT IS THAT NICE SMELL she gasps up, as she enters the dining room......

Fresh and Hyacinth smelly para and photoshoot: I mean Owner is used to the smell of the cat biscuits, things drying off on the searing hot rads, dying daffodils and wotnot so it came as a surprise to sniff in the glorious scent of the pink hyacinths and here there are folks!
There we are!  they keep on flowering and seem to like it on the table, and so far I have not been near them and that folks is because Owner has kindly grown me some cat grass and brought it in for me.  YES I have been eating it, and YES it is working a treat.  I woke Owner up first thing by having a little clear out..... I love it. x
Final hycacinth para with no mention of politics at all whatsoever, never, no.  Owner has had a passable day with no really horrid things in it.  She has decided there is a new rule though.  OH YES, I says showing more than a little interest as it was cuddling up to my tea time.  She reckons, that the time before when you thought you looked ugly and fat OR you wished things were different because you didn't like them the way they were......well they should hang on until the real fat and ugly day turns up! OR the real thing you can't cope with does too.  End of.  that Owner, I says (to show I was listening) is quite deep for a Satdee.  It's quite deep FULLSTOP she goes back to me!
Bertie Bubb has shifted back upstairs to the Land of wardrobe.  We cannot know why and Owner wondered up if he had some rare disease.  Like?  I goes in that new and annoying way...I don't know I just wonder Wonka, Owner says back.  I know.  Ruggles has been out back and on the green bin.  There you are! says Owner as she is busy on her watering rounds.  We now have some new geraniums for me to look at, out front and I love them. Tonight we will be mustered round Brits got some talent and whether Mr Walliams will press his gold buzzer or no, and then, saints be (love it) it is Charlie Nursey and Connie who he saved from jail, in Casualtee.  Bliss folks pure bliss.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x