Friday, 25 July 2014

~Be brave Fridee

Wonka here.  early night early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, says Owner out of the blue and as they say in cultured circles (ooer get me) apropos of nothing.  And we all know that in Frenchie France nothing = de rien!!  What about women then I chirps up?  it means us too, she goes back.  Well I haven't noticed the wealthy bit as yet, and our ever decreasing finances folks are a worry wart to me.  But listen up to this, Owner dreamt of a beautiful garden full of daffodils and other bright flowers.  I knew in the dream, she reports, that is was a different time of year and not summer.  It was a powerful and promising dream and we love it,

Brave para.  What is this brave business you all say wide awake and raring to go?  It is the day for taking ourselves off to new places and doing new things.  Owner is working up to GOING OUT.  This means a lot of hard work in between with me saying things like (list). 1.  I prefer the blue one 2. Leave it how it is (hair) 3. will you be able to walk in them?  and Owner will spread about 20 different tops on the bed and end up in the first one having got it back out of the wash.  We love it.

More brave things para.  Every day I have been on tenterhooks waiting for the baby seagulls stroke tweenies to come out of the chimney tops.  The Daddy and Mummy gulls have been tooting and honking and encouraging this big event to happen.  And it has happened!!  One of the babies has braved it onto the rooftop.  it is hopping and skipping up and down and we did think is there just one of them, but NO, I have glimpsed the less brave baby gull still cuddling up to a chimney.  In honour of this event which really is one of my highlights in the good year, Owner has kindly done a cartoon.
There it is!!  Mum or Dad Seagull on the chimney top and that little tweeny baby gull huddling up in between.  Up above those swallows are dancing in the sky and Owner says it is how she knows Summer is really here when she hears them.  They have a merry little chant and there is a saying (trust Owner to know it) that goes in AUGUST AWAY WE MUST and that good folks out there all scratching your heads, is a little poem about the swallows.  They get here in June and obviously I do like to see them up there in the blue.  Just too far for me to reach out with my paw!  We love them.
Fresh brave as you like para.  now due to it being so warm I have had to take extra zzzzzzzzzz on one of my giant nests aka Owner's bed.  She has kindly provided a lilac pillycase for me to sprawl on and Bertie has one too.  he has been on the first floor of Owner's upstairs cupboard.  good Ruggles was waiting in the backyard for his breakfast and is now chomping down the Whiskas in tins.  this is a giant saving for Owner if not a heavier purchase to lug home.  you know if I could help I would but for now I am content to knock off the orange plastic lid and plunge my paw into the jelly because I love it.  a little scrap of news for you about our neighbours out back.  Not to the right, no, although we spied paint tins and such like going in there.  HOPE WE GET DECENT NEIGHBOURS moans up Owner and we have prayed on this like mad.  No the other new neighbour has been hanging out washing and Owner commented on how nicely he had pegged it out.  in stark comparison to you do you mean I challenged from well behind the living room door so she may not have heard me..  He is living in the house to the back of us and we have watched it being done up.  it has had everything done to it again in stark comparison to ours.  Even the shed is nicer goes Owner to me.  From what I recall in my days of darting about outside our luxury shed is fine.  it even smells like a good shed should.  Owner says we can use that last sentence as a tongue twister if we get fed up.  We love it.
Final big brave para.  missing Corrie x 2 is a big deal for Owner but I have promised we can watch it Satdee.  Enders is not a problem as you know that can be caught up with a year later and Carol's scarf will still have a star part along with Beeanchor and her little family.  Denise is supporting Patrik and his stroke and even Masood popped to visit.  He is our fave.   Shazzer is still a bit wonky and needs a serious makeover plus that gun in her top drawer is being found by all in the square.  (Owner says there is a joke there about rifling through her drawers but I am not making it.  poor taste I said back.  It is a twist on words she continued.  No excuse I countered.  all this going out is making her giddy.)In Corrie though Steve's best mate is no longer in luv with thingy who has been deceiving her husband for 20 years.  Blimey.  The games?  That is still on and on and on whether we like it or not.  Owner did not say anything about what if I miss the games and I have not reminded her as I want her to go out and enjoy herself.  I will of course keep you posted on that.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x