Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sport Free Tuesdee

Wonka here.  In the ....DEEP of the night, downstairs goes Owner and what is happening but good Ruggles is by the gate eyeballing a black cat.  Me?  thanks for asking, at the good backdoor looking at the same scenario and Owner just got in the way.  I CAN'T SEE if you stand there I whispered up to Owner.  SORRY she whispers back.  The same tactic as before is used to let them know we are there.  YES the bathroom light goes on.  Ruggles! He is our action cat out back, protecting his territory to use that horrid term that Owner hates.  24/7.  I love it.

Fresh no sport at the moment para.  Hopeless really, as now what to do?  I know it is easy for me, as I am fairly busy anyway, and although ace of base aka Bertie Buttons has calmed down a little, he is still prone to view me as ENEMY NO 1.  Even if I just sneek a tiny glimpse of him in the Narnia cupboard, he goes mad.  And so does Owner come to that.  No the baby seagulls (what is the name for them?  gullets? gullies? Owner's name is tweenies.  I know I cannot use such a silly name.) have not popped out yet but any day now........... Owner says she is going out soon, which means the minute she feels alright in what she is wearing and her hair is OKish.  I've gone off it, she said earlier.  IT LOOKS FINE I lied from well behind the door.  another good hairdresser tackled it because the real one is off having a little mite.  I'LL HAVE TO COPE with it goes Owner.  I tell you good folks out there it has enough product (this is the word up) on it to launch a whole new range of all singing all dancing hair adverts.  We love it.

Fresh not to mention the world cup or tennis para.  Now Novak is a married man we still love him and Owner is awaiting the birth of his first baby in October.  We couldn't help but mention this.  Rafa as far as we know is a single bunny and as for murraymint surely he will propose soon?  Now for today's good photoshoot Owner is pushing the boat out or something and says shall we have a cartoon of Friend's cat who she fell in love with but it is alright as she still loves me twice as much.  So I have graciously said yes alright Owner:
There he is!! Sebe.  He is tabby like me but not so handsome of course.....................also says Owner he has a little plastic mouse which you can put treats in (I immediately asked for one and Owner said yes alright Wonka) and to cap it all he has the same best toy as me, the track with the ball in it.  You might be distant cousins she goes............We love it.
Final sport free para.   Owner turns back up from her shopping spree, laden with the usual non essentials.  I noted some new hair colour in the bag and started to say something but Owner drowned me out by shouting BERTIE BUBBLES at the top of her voice.  She says this is a release of tension but I say it is avoidance tactics.   And she goes, I had to buy this.  What is it? you all shout up with excitement mounting.  Good folks out there in the Wold all having your good lives, she has only gone and bought a pink elephant.  I LOVE IT she goes, rushing out back to place it near to Baba's Buddleia.  Why? you all chirp up does it need a pink elephant.  Because it is a watering can, and tomorrow we will have a special photoshoot of that plus the miracle Buddleia.  It is even now peaking out from between flower pots and looks like it has always been there.  We love it.
Real final para.   Owner also fitted in a visit to aged parent and came back in fair spirits.  Was she alright I ventured (!) from the living room whilst Owner was in the kitchen and may not have heard me.  FAIR TO MIDDLING she shouts up making herself a strong cup of tea.  There is a Summer Fayre on Satdee that I must attend, she went on.  And come back with things I don't want.  The last one Owner staggered back with ornaments (outside lurking near a plant pot), calendars (In the Narnia cupboard) and a headache.  She may do the double whammy and take aged sibling too in which case I will be under the bed when she gets back.  now tonight we have Enders to endure with murders and evidence and those pesky Carter family if that is indeed their name.  followed by good Holby City and the antics of those Doctors all backstabbing and having babies, or being false and jolly.  I CANNOT STAND THAT ONE goes Owner every week, waking me up from my zzzzzzzzzzzon the giant nest aka settee. Rug has been and had real chicken and so have I and so will Bertie if he get a move on.  His ear is sort of alright says Owner who dabbed it with warm water. Plus a prayer to St Francis to seal the deal.  We love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x