Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sultry Sundee

Wonka here.  It was hot, it was noisy courtesy of the seagulls and those babies nestling in the chimney tops. oh and then there was a thundery storm.  When did all this happen you folks want to know.  At 3 am that's when.  Owner reports has never heard such a racket from the gulls.  Honking and tooting and chirruping (the tweeny babies).   This means we are all tired and I have had to catch up on my zzzzzzzzzz.  Bertie bobbins did not notice any storms or gulls and is only concerned with the level of food on his plate or how many biscuits are left in the saucers.  me?  thanks for asking, I am not overly (like it) bothered by thunder or lightning but I can be startled by sudden noises.  Like when then postie knocks on the door as if we are all deaf, or quite hard of hearing, or down the bottom of the garden we don't have.  We love it.

Very humid para.  If we could open a window on it we would!  now today Owner has been too tired to worry much about anything, or make lists.  She has not made any fresh complaints either.  The one about the nuisance calls has received more attention and a demand for feedback.  HANG ON, goes Owner, now I have to rate the response to a complaint I shouldn't have to be making!!  Put like that I said back, I wonder what your rating will be?  It all depends, she goes back to me, if on Mundee, those calls resume.  OH I finished off with.  otherwise we have all pottered through this sultry Sundee, with good Ruggles popping for breakfast and I am happy to report we all got on (the door was closed that's why!).  We love him.

Super doopah sultry para.  It will be a funny week ahead said Owner, as the schools have broken up and I am sort of on holiday.  she did mention another breakaway good folks out there and I heard the word Plymouth this time.  Like me you will all be going, 'hasn't she just had a little trip out??'  this time though, it is a gathering of the Fab Four which is Owner plus her three oldest and bestest friends who went to Paris in January.  They are to plot and plan another rendezvous abroad, and Owner wants it to be Rome.  Is that in Italy I ventured?  YES, BENE!  we're not sure if this is Italian but give it time.  So there is plenty of time to get (list) 1.  a new chic wardrobe 2.  a chic hairdo 3.  learn some of the lingo.  Now for our good cartoon today Owner has suggested this one:
There we are!  it is our cousin Sebe again, and this time last week Owner said cherio to him and I am still not jealous.  Not a bit of it.  No.  Bertie does not realise there is a distant cousin in Portsmouth so cannot be jealous either.  We love it.
Final pretty sultry para.  Last night we reported there was nothing on.  Owner managed to watch 5 mins of crack the safe wide open or some such name before caving in.  I CANNOT WATCH IT.  Personally, I like it as good Nick Knows everything is one of my fave games hosts.  he pops up on another show all about fixing your house up when all else has failed.  AND I'M NOT WATCHING A CONCERT in Edinburgh either she continued to shout up.  I must admit the few seconds it was on the screen for it looked like one of those freezing sea fret things we get here.  it looked grey and chill.  so that left one option.  Read a book.  Is it good Owner I enquired from the foot of the stairs.  IT IS A BIT DARK she said from the top of the stairs and she didn't mean the landing either.  If you must read Stephen King I said from well behind the living room door, you will expect full on horror and such.  Now tonight, it is much the same.  Nothing on.  No Casualtee, no sundee night drama (aside from me and Bertie!) just your usual out in the country and didn't know it was worth all of that anitquey show.  Now I shall be busy on Seagull, Ruggles, Tinkers and Bertie watch and haven't time to say WHAT'S ON.  A nice early night will do you the Wold of good I says and prepare us for another full on week.  There are games afoot in Glasgow and Aged parent's foot to see to here. Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks out there wherever you are in it and let us all have a fruitful week ahead.  big Love Wonka x