Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Birthday Boy Tuesdee!

Wonka here!  yes it is one year on from the birth of that little princeling and straightaway here is our little cartoon to celebrate:
There we are!  that is William and Kate plus the little prince next to a scrumptious cake.  Oh and lots of butterflies as this is what George went to see at the natural history museum, a butterfly park!  Owner has been in a butterfly greenhouse thing and says it was one of her fave experiences ever.  And over to the left is a small stack of his pressies plus a Bull!!  me and Owner are watching from afar whilst Bertie watches out for his next plate of sheba.  We love it! x
Fresh birthday para.  Owner says it is marvellous to have some good news at last.  I'm sure all you good folks around the Wold agree there is overmuch worrywarting and upsetting news to relate so we are GLAD (me and Owner at least never mind Bertie Buttons) to concentrate on this little boy.  he has a long road ahead of him goes Owner.  Yes, I knew Buck palace had a bit of a drive going on..... Other news you all shout up and want to know.  There is some very big news and it is this.  One of the Fab Four friends is to visit.  it is Sebe's Owner and we are already on a giant excitement setting.  it will be after Owner's little jaunt down to Plymouth and sandwiched inbetween another breakaway in September.  As you might know Owner has already launched a PREPARING THE HOUSE for guests master plan.  Does it involve spending £s you all chirp up? Good folks, they have been spent as I write this.  And you cannot guess what on.  No that is not it.  When it gets here in 2 weeks time Owner says we will all love it.
Cannot hold back with a secret para.    When Owner fell back in after a fraught visit to aged parent.  MONEY FOR OLD ROPE she was saying about a particular service that is busy failing said parent.  I did enquire from under the bed who was in for it but she didn't hear me above measuring in the postage stamp we like to call the living room.  IT WILL JUST FIT she shouted up the stairs to me.  A scratching post?  A new amazon box?  One of those two story cat houses with toys attached?  I AM GOING BACK TO BUY IT she carried on.  turns out good folks on the edge of your seat it is a new two seater bed settee.  In oatmeal.  that goes with everything she said.  Oh and two nice cushions thrown in.  IT HAS A SPRUNG PULL OUT MATTRESS Wonka, she kept on.  When she told me the price I did say it wanted to have a semi detached house to go with it but she didn't hear me above flinging out to buy it.  IN CASE ANYONE ELSE LIKES IT.  No one, I whispered to Bertie, will be buying that bed settee ahead of Owner.  Not at that price.  He loved it.
Final push the boat out para.   To round off this expansive and expensive but well worth it day, when Owner trolled back in with yet more shopping (essentials she said) she tells me I BUMPED INTO that nice school admin lady. yes and whatsmore, she had some positive feedback.  it turns out her little gift to the headmistress was very much appreciated and admired.  (It was a super dooper cartoon of the school turned into little cards.)  I AM PROUD I said, even though I was not in the cartoon I still liked it.  That, plus the good new settee has made Owner's day really.  me?  thanks for asking, I have been keeping an eye on that baby seagull still in the chimney tops, peeking at Bertie in the Narnia cupboard a couple of times and getting plenty of zzzzzzzzz.  it has been hot in the night and hot in the day and we mustn't complain.  Tonight is the last normal night before the games.  Owner has not decided yet if she will support.  Until then it is Enders and Patrik has fallen down in the square.  As his face has gone funny and twisted our money is on a pretend stroke.  Another one of the Carter family has taken up behind the bar and giving out doom ridden warnings to anyone who likes one of the brood.  RIDICULOUS goes Owner, who notes that Shazzer's hair has been brushed and Masood has been sighted too.  Then it's onwards with Holby City and goodness knows what will happen with those conniving docs and nurseys.  So good folks, do take a leaf out of Owner's book and consider changing up your ancient sofabed for one that just about will fit in the living room as long as you don't want to close the door or do a moonwalk.  We love it.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big love Wonka x