Friday, 4 July 2014

Independent Fridee

Wonka here.  it is July 4th goes Owner.  And?  I says back busy supervising Bertie under the table.  We had a near on scrap last night mostly due to Bertie, I was just looking at him, and now I am making an effort to not look at him whilst going up to him and checking on him.  there.  JULY 4th Wonka, is Independence Day in the United states says Owner to me.  OH I says back.  and they have all these celebrations and such, she continues.  Well I'm all in favour of a party and as you know being a cat I am fully pro independence.  Take Bertie for instance, if he could open those sheba cartons himself he would, and me?  once a can is opened I am straight in there, independent as you like.  We love it.

Fresh and free para.  today Owner finally took herself off out visiting.  This means (list) BE GOOD Wonka...2.  I can do what I like mostly snoozing, a bit of checking out front and back, as those baby seagulls are going to make an appearance any day now (out back on the chimney tops). 3. keeping an eye on Bertie but not scrapping.  As it is another very hot blustery day I may have plenty of zzzzzzzzz.  Now when Owner fell back in she was armed with a Tomato Plant!  her good niece had supplied this plus a little courgette thing.  It may even grow..... it has all been positioned, watered and fed.  (?)  I still have some tomato food announced Owner.  OH I said.  so guess what?  no that is not's photoshoot is of .....
There he is!!  to the left is the courgette thing with a nice yellow flower....Owner has put him near to the shed this time and it is also near Baba's buddleia.. that is growing so big now to what it was last year when it was tiny.  Beloved Baba, he loved to lay on the bench and in the kennel too.  hankies away!!  We loved him.  (yes my old chasing round mate).
Fresh even more free para.  so today has been lazy on my side, and Owner has been entranced once more with good Novak who of course bashed his way to the final.  Money on Daddy Federer to win his she goes,, and Bertie who supports him from the back of the wardrobe, agrees I think.  there is footie on too so we are spoilt for choice.  What are we going to do next week with no tennis and the end of the footie in sight, I shall have to amuse Owner somehow.  I WILL READ A BOOK she said.  Well there are a few to pick from and Owner is saving the new Stephen King for her weekend away.  There I've said it.  OOH you all gasp up, where is she going??  Down to Portsmouth to visit a good friend and I must behave myself.  this goes without saying and already I am planning which part of the bed to relax on.  I love it.
Final final free and independent para.  Hot news off the press, one of our good neighbours is moving OH NO said Owner to them, I really like you!  ~We have sent up a prayer for another really nice neighbour...quiet as mice, friendly but not in your face.  A mechanic stoke handyperson stroke counsellor stroke plumber and qualified electrician wouldn't go amiss.  now last night we survived an hour long Enders.  What you all wonder could they all do for an hour.  NOTHING MUCH.  Carol's scarf seemed to feature and Beeanchor has run up a massive debt of 3 grand to these hard men people.  Mick's family is still growing and roxy or foxy's new boyfriend has grown a daughter.  After that Corrie saved us despite the now weary tale of Michael and Gail not getting it on and he is being chased off by nutty Nick and bruvverly David.  Celebrity masterchef is the tops and we love all of them especially Christopher Biggins.  tonight we will get through some more of the same and we love it.  Best and good Ruggles is due to call so must dash and also fit in a secret check on Bertie whilst Owner is doing something else.  It is the weekend now good folks out there all sighing with relief and glad.  So do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x