Saturday, 27 December 2014

Apres Christmas!

Wonka here!  And how are you good folks!!  did you have a good holiday and did you celebrate like we did.  if you did or did not, we still hope all was merry and bright...........  this was Christmas Day folks...........
What is that!  have you been at the sherry again! you all gasp up in wonderment!!  it is alright I have been keeping a check on the sherry levels and it is going down at a civilised rate..... if you look closely you will see I am in the corner watching Owner drive off in the car with no name.  OH YES you all shout up WE SEE THAT!! then you will notice that the boot is crammed full of Christmas carriers and gifts and food OH YES WE SPOTTED THAT!! and best of all the sun was shining down and the roads were empty.  the birds were all hopping around and swooping across and Owner got to daughters in record time.  Once there she had a truly scrumptious Christmas.  I love it xx PS. that is the cuddly toy dog on the back shelf with Christmas earrings on!!
Final après the celebrations para.  Me?  thanks for asking, had a smashing time of it, eating, zzzzzzzzz, more eating (real chick.  sorry chick!) more of the zzzzzzzz, bit of chasing Bertie Bubb (not sorry.  sorry) and eyeing up Ruggles in the kitchen when I do get the chance. Owner thinks we are all related.  AND?  I says in that new and annoying way.  JUST SAYING she goes back in the equally annoying way.   We watched pass the midwife and Down here abbey plus every soap there is going.  YES we did watch Enders and YES Shirlee has revealed herself as Queen Mick's mum.  OH NO you all shriek up NOW WHAT.  all we need now is for Fil to sort it!!  We have Sung in the Rain and gotta Dance and Make em Laugh with Donald O' Connor and wait for it, we are just revving up for ZULU.....DO D DOOO D....imagine a lot of spears drumming on that dried up scorched up earth and millions of proud Zulu warriers chanting!!!  Bring it on shouts Owner in delight.  She loves this story because it is true.  a tiny little medical supply army team holding out at Rourkes Drift against countless warriers!  Victoria Crosses galore chaps!  We love a story if it is (list) 1.  True 2.  got Stanley Baker in it 3. Got Michael Caine in it 4.  got bravery in it and heroes 5.  A rousing music score by JOhn Barry and directed by Cy Endfield.  January 23 1879.  That is when it all happened good folks out there.  So if you want to see a real battle, with real bravery. watch this.  Is it better I ventured up, than ZULU DAWN.BY A MILE she shouts up.....Yes I am just going to check the sherry levels now.  so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it for the new year is nearly upon us all.  Big Love Wonka x